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The longer I write this blog the more amazed I am by all of the ways that are out there to make money. I decided to write a list where at least 80% of the ideas haven’t made it to a list that you (and I) have already read in the past year.

People make money selling: pet rocks, dog clothes, sending poo in the mail to people, and sending green shakes (new one). I had a lot of fun working on this list and actually end up sharing some bonus ideas too.

Before we get started:

Blogging is not included in this list but it IS a great way to make money. I do think it’s more of a long-term earnings process, but it has been a wonderful experience for me. If you’re wondering how to get started you can See How You Can Set Up a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes.

Please note that this list is in no particular order! There are some jobs that won’t be for everyone…but that’s part of why I made this list. There is a way to make money for ever personality. Have fun reading through the list and yes, all of these side-hustles can make you up to $1000 a month.

Girl Gone Frugal (again) Side-Hustle 101

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101 Side-Hustles

  • Driver-Miss Daisy is that you? There are a ton of people who aren’t able to drive but need to get around. Help these people get around!
  • App Tester-Before cool apps are released the developers need Beta testers. Help developers work out the kinks before they are released to the public.
  • Cook-Some people hate cooking or just are too busy to cook. Help these families out by either pre-cooking meals for them or becoming their actual cook.
  • Gardener-I need one so badly. Some of us aren’t gifted at dealing with our yard maintenance.
  • Painter-It is now time for me to repaint my home because it’s a hot mess. But, I just don’t have the energy to do it. Hiring someone to help with this project will be my first step!
  • Care Giver-There are a number of people who need help with day to day tasks. If you actually like people, can pass a background check, and know first-aid and CPR this may be the side-hustle for you. Please note: these jobs do not pay enough for how important they are.
  • Roofer-If you know construction or have worked on roofs this may be the side-business for you!
  • Focus Group Participant-Focus groups are great because they are so freaking easy to do. Typically you will do taste tests, participate in jury focus groups, or testing out an electronic product.
  • Bud Trimmer-Um…for those of you in states that sell “legal” cannabis. Basically, pot has to be “trimmed” before selling for some reason and I’m not sure what it is.
  • Models for Fetish Videos-You just might be that freaky.
  • Vocalist-It feels like every wedding has someone singing at it-you should be that person.
  • Bachelor Party Dancer-I used to be a dancer. No, not a pole dance LOL! But, if you enjoy go-go dancing (with your clothes on) then this may be a gig for you. Of course, you should take steps to manage your safety and make sure that you aren’t dealing with creepers.
  • Moving Helper-You have free-time to help people out of their homes. Maybe they can’t afford to pay for a mover, but can afford to pay you.
  • Face Painter-Work at cool events, with kids, or in designated areas in your town and paint people’s faces.
  • Casa Bonita-Cliff Diver (this is specific to Denver, Colorado)
  • Egg Donor-Help a family out who is looking to have kids.
  • Sperm Donor-Help a family out that is trying to have kids.
  • User Reviews for products-Before products are sold sometimes the developer needs feedback on the product.
  • Life Skills Coach for People with Intellectual Challenges-If you have the training you could help people with intellectual challenges live vibrant and full lives.
  • Cleaner-Help busy families keep their homes clean!
  • Babysitter-Take care of peoples’ kiddos! If you do this I strongly recommend getting CPR and other certifications to ensure the safety of any child you’re working with.
  • Swim Coach-In the wake of Simone Manuel’s epic win at the Olympics we’re made aware of the numbers of kids out there who do know how to swim. Help those kids learn how to swim and be safe in the water.
  • Fitness Trainer-Love working out? Get paid for it!
  • Yoga Instructor-Love yoga? Get paid for it and connect with your third eye.
  • Dance Teacher-Love to dance? Get paid for it! You don’t have to be perfect (they will just have you teach the beginners). You just have to have technique and a passion for dance.
  • Lyft Driver-The sharing economy rocks! Earn money driving for Lyft.
  • Uber Driver-Everyone knows about Uber. And Uber needs more drivers all of the time. Earn money driving part-time with Uber.
  • Personal Assistant-Many small business owners or even families are looking for personal assistants to help run errands or manage the tasks that occur each day.
  • Pole Dancer-Clubs always need dancers.
  • Host Home Provider-International students always need host families. I participated in a program called “Up With People” and I was hosted 63 times with families all over the world. It was an amazing experience and I’ve hosted people too!
  • Photo Booth Attendant-I love photo booths and I’ve rented them for events. They tend to be very large and unwieldy objects that require being set-up and taken down as well as a person to manage all of the props.
  • Video Extra-I was an extra in an R Kelly video. Seriously. You
  • Haunted House Character-It’s that time of year again to be scared out of your mind by people in a haunted house. They have already begun hiring staff to man your favorite haunted house.
  • Corn Maize Character-I love corn maizes! The last time I went I was freaked out because they had a character that chased us with a chainsaw. That could be you!
  • Grocery Delivery Person-One of my favorite business concepts is the rise of delivered groceries. It saves time and money for people who are too busy to go shopping.
  • Canvasser/Voter Outreach Person-It’s an election year! Support your political causes by canvassing and working to get people registered to vote.
  • Surrogate-There are families needing help having babies. Surrogacy is a long-time commitment (and mentally and emotionally intense) but if you can manage doing this, you can earn a lot of money.
  • Sports League Referees-There are a ridiculous number of sports leagues that are always needing referees. Examples of Leagues include: Kickball, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, and more.
  • Post Signs-There are many businesses that use signs to advertise what they are doing.
  • Professional Cuddler-People are not getting enough physical contact (or dates) and are now working with professional cuddlers for affection. Google it.
  • Adult Baby Caregiver-What the?? Google this one too.
  • Cannabis Freelancer-The cannabis industry has blogs as well. They are needing content too.
  • Tutor-Share your passion for: reading, languages, math, etc. And help your clients grow their skills.
  • Ranch Hand-There are still a number of ranches out there needing seasonal help. If you’re familiar with ranching or willing to learn, this could be the job for you.
  • Furniture Deliverer-Work with companies to deliver furniture. Also, check out Amazon’s delivery service needs too.
  • Concierge-There are number of ways that concierges work. They can work at hotels or with an individuals with a lot of money. Basically, they are a person who makes things happen. You need a special drink? They get it for you. Need appointments made? Done! And, the list goes on!
  • Tour Guide-If you love your town and know it like the back of your hand and actually like people-you can run tours for tourists.
  • French Braider-There are a lot of women who enjoy getting their hair braided but hate going to the salon because it takes forever. Earn money braiding hair.
  • Professional Spray Painter-I’m in the process of updating my furniture. I would like to freshen up several pieces of furniture…but, I’m not sure that I should be the one spray painting everythign LOL!  Having a professional do it would be so much better.
  • Car Detailer-You can make some GOOD money detailing cars.
  • Bike Mechanic-I love my bike. And, it has a flat tire. Every single year I have to get it worked on. And, it’s not cheap!
  • Shoveler-We are already getting snow reports in Colorado. Sooner than I would like to think about we will have snow in Denver. Having someon else do the shoveling is something that I would love to pay for.
  • Flight Attendant-I’m convinced that we are about to experience huge numbers of flight attendant retirements. It doesn’t pay a lot but it DOES have great perks.
  • Farm Helper-Muck Stalls, milk cows, and shovel hay.
  • Photographer-We can’t always take selfies.
  • Dancing Friend-Do you love to dance? Help out people who love to dance too but don’t have significant others to partner with.
  • Henna Artist-I don’t want a permanent tattoo, but I love getting henna tattoos. Learn how to do intricate and fun designs and work at events.
  • Property Manager-Get free housing or seriously discounted housing managing properties!
  • Petting Zoo Assistant-Do you love animals and kids? Help out at a petting zoo.
  • Social Media Manager-Have you grown your social media, have certificates, and are always in the “know” about how to grow a social media presence? Work with small business owners to help them grow their digital footprint.
  • Glass Glazer-If you’re creative, love hot things, and glass, this is your side-hustle.
  • Document Scanner-There are a number of businesses wanting to scan past paperwork to the cloud. Usually these gigs happen for 2-4 weeks. It’s boring work, but by the time you’re about to lose it…you’re done!
  • Dispatcher-This is one of the harder side hustles out there. Work in a call center dispatching vehicles are helping people who are calling in.
  • Grant Writer-There are a number of organizations looking to be rewarded government or private funding in order to continue working on their mission. Write a kick a@@ grant to help them reach that goal.
  • Voice Over Artist-Do you have a pleasing voice? Get into voice over work.
  • Blogging Mentor-Are you a long-term blogger and have experienced some success? Mentor other bloggers and help them achieve success too!
  • Videographer-Hire someone else to record your special moments!
  • Interpreter-If you speak more than one language help clients who don’t!
  • Pet Groomer-Love animals? Keep them looking fierce.
  • Letter Addresser-I always thought this was a scam until I met people whove actually done this type of work. Usually, they are short-term gigs. Not my favorite side-hustle. My hand begins to cramp when I think about this.
  • Sketch Artist-If you have a gift for drawing become a professional sketch artist or sketch tourists.
  • App Developer-Have a gift for technology? Develop an app.
  • Video Game Tester-Love video games? Test them out and get paid.
  • Email List Cleaner-Inbox Zero is my goal. I’m not even close to it. Having someone who can log in and clean out my email inboxes is something that I can’t wait to pay for.
  • Note Taker-Do you know of people who don’t have a secretary but need actual notes taken and not a recording?Help them out and take notes for them at their next meeting.
  • Computer Instructor-More and more people are needing to learn about the ins and outs of how to use computers, learn basic computer coding, and more. Help them bridge the game between where they are now and get them to computing excellence.
  • Illustrator-Love graphics, computers, and animation? Become an illustrator!
  • Gmail Filters Instructor-It’s embarrassing to admit this, but I have no idea how to set up the different filters that exist on Gmail. I need help and I’m willing to pay for it!
  • Video Editor-Know how to edit video (or how to teach the process?) become a video editor. With the growth in video content you will always have clients.
  • Podcast Editor-Podcasts are awesome, but they take a lot of time to edit. If you are fast, have an ear for how a podcast should flow, and technical know-how, you will have people beating down your door.
  • Drone Pilot-I always think that drones are just model airplanes that fly. But, there is an increasing demand for knowledge in how to manage drone technology and the laws about flying them. Also, with big companies looking to incorporate them in their delivery service (Amazon) they will need people to operate them.
  • Financial Advisor-People need help with their money. If you have the credentials, help us out!
  • Surveillance Camera Installer-People are becoming increasingly more nervous about their home safety. If you can pass a background test and like the idea of installing systems there’s a ton of work out there for you!
  • Server Migration Specialist-As a blogger, I’ve discovered that not all servers are the same. But, there is no way in hell that I’m ever going to learn how to change my servers. That’s when I hire YOU gifted server migration specialist to help me with that project.
  • SEO Specialist-Every blog that is optimized well has great SEO. But, not everyone knows the ins and outs of SEO (search engine optimization) and having a patient guide to the world of SEO would be huge for the would be blogger and novice website creator.
  • Facebook Ads Specialist-For people looking to grow their online business, having a well-thought and well-planned Facebook ad strategy is huge. Facebook ads are an acquired skill and if you have the knowledge there are a lot of us who would love to have you teach us how you do what you do with Facebook…to grow our businesses
  • Hair Stylist-We already talked about hair braiding, now we need someone who is a specialist in all things hair: trimming, low-lights, high-lights, ombre, weaves, and more! If this is your gift share it.
  • Gallery Assistant-Art galleries have a lot of things going on. If you are: organized, like people, love art, and like managing and assisting with events-this side-hustle is for you.
  • Seamstress-For those of us who have broken up with fast-casual clothing and have begun paying more for higher quality clothing working with a great seamstress is a wonderful way to maintain your clothes and wear each item for as long as possible. I thought that this skill would be lost, but I’m convinced that there will always be a need for peole who are gifted in sewing, hemming, and adding beautiful details to clothes.
  • WordPress Officianado-It pains me to admit this, but it took me a long-time to learn how to rock WordPress. If you know WordPress begin working with newbies and save them a lot of pain and suffering by working through the learning curve.
  • Logo Designer-As people design their websites and work on branding for projects they will need a cool logo. Be the person who creates the logo and then grow your business via word-of-mouth.
  • Restaurant Host/Hostess-Restaurants are ALWAYS looking for hosts and hostesses. If you love: people, a fast pace, and free food… you will always find a job. Your initial position may be a little tricky to get, but once you get the experience you will always be able use this hustle.
  • Escape Room Attendant-I am freaked out by these Escape Rooms so you won’t see me participating in one. But you would see me working in one hysterically laughing as people try to break their way out of the room. If you find this type of experience appealing this would be a great side-hustle for you.
  • Toss Shingles Off Roof-The other day I saw an ad on Craigslist looking for people to help toss shingles off a roof, as long as you have insurance and aren’t’ afraid of heights, this could be a fun side hustle to do.
  • Holiday Light Checker-Before the holidays starts all of those Christmas lights need to be checked.
  • Vending Machine Operator-I sometimes think about getting a vending machine and placing it in a well-trafficked and underserved snack area. The only down-side would be that you have to check in on it and pull the money out from time to time.
  • Sandwich maker-My first job was making sandwiches. It was pretty straightforward and I still remember the experience like it was yesterday. If you don’t mind handling meat and standing all day there are a ton of sandwich businesses that you could work with. Or, you could start a business making speciality sandwiches.
  • Test Drivers for Prototype Vehicles-Someone has to test out these prototypes…it might as well be you!
  • Fireplace Technician-The cooler it gets, the closer we get to being able to use our fireplace. If you know how to maintain a fireplace, clean out the flue, or are willing to learn there are fireplace maintenance companies needing your help. You’ll probably need to pass a background check.
  • Lead Generation Specialist-There are a number of ways to get leads for a business. Either you manage a team of brand ambassadors to generate soft and hard leads, or you generate leads via a website. Either way, leads are basically like gold. If you know to do this people will be clamoring for your help.
  • Affiliate earnings specialist-I’m obsessed with earning affiliate income. Basically, this type of income is earned when a person recommends a good or service that people connect with and use. The person recommending the good or service has a code that is specific to them. They then earn money each time someone signs up using their code. An Affiliate Earnings Strategist either runs the strategy on someone else’s website or teaches people how to utilize the strategy and earn more money.
  • Professional Mermaid…seriously.

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I hope you found this list helpful and inspiring. There are so many ways to make money it just boggles the mind. There is even a people walker in L.A. He gets paid to walk people. I wish I thought of that.


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