Toni from Debt Free Divas said that there was a certain poetry to this challenge. I decided about a month ago to pay off a credit card on Black Friday. I’m not anti-Black Friday. In fact, I kind of like the frenetic energy of the official start of the holiday shopping season. And, as most of my debt doesn’t stem from holiday shopping but from lack of organization and living beyond my means through out the year I never found myself in debt specifically from holiday shopping. However, I felt that this year I needed to do something that really showed that I was committed to the process of repaying my debt.

So, today, I decided to go big. I did the following:

  • I paid off not one but TWO credit cards. One card was a card that I had paid off in August and used again (like an idiot). The other card I’ve had for awhile and it was long over due to pay it off.
  • Total Amount repaid: $434+$1070=$1,504
  • I also decided to get my sh$t out of storage!!! That will be a post for Monday. You won’t believe the story.

I am feeling really excited about the amount of money that has just been freed up to take care of debt repayment and upkeep for my home. As it’s a holiday weekend, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.

Have a fantastic day!!

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