Last week I found that I just couldn’t write three blog posts. I normally publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays but last week I just didn’t have the energy. In fact, in the past month or so I have been dealing with the issue of competing responsibilities, the importance of consistency, and figuring out where I should be focusing next. Also, I was really sad about Prince’s passing so I just didn’t have the energy…and I didn’t want to force myself to try either.


Since 2012 I have blogged about personal finance and lifestyle related issues and I have loved almost every minute of it. I’ve been pretty freaking consistent. Commenting on other people’s blogs, sharing my own posts, pinning, tweeting, sharing on Facebook and more. Part of why I’m able to continue blogging is because it has become a part of my daily and weekly practice/schedule. I still love it which kind of surprises me as I see people drop out of blogging, selling their sites, or just disappearing. I don’t want to do that…but I think that the secret to my longevity has been recognizing when to give myself a break, or some space.  I need some space.

Narrowing My Focus

I have a number of projects that I am working on and I am in the process of prioritizing what I need to work on, what needs to change, and what I need to let go. I have to say that I’ve gotten a lot better at ruthlessly making changes that will move me towards the goals that I’ve set for this year. In the past I’ve typically published fewer posts during the summer to accommodate my changing schedule. I realize that it’s now time make some changes.

Starting this week I will share one post a week on Mondays. If I’m feeling super productive I will share more…but, I don’t want to promise something that I am not up to doing. You may have noticed that I haven’t shared a podcast episodes for awhile. Well, I had technical difficulties AGAIN and I just got tired of fighting to make it work. So, I decided to take a break. And, I’m glad that I did. I was able to create space to imagine and work on a course that i wouldn’t have considered if I had continued to focus on these other projects.

I will continue taping podcast episodes…just not now.

Getting Help

I am now in the process of systematizing everything that I’ve been working on and preparing to hire some help. I am no longer able to focus on all of the components that I have been working on for my business and do them as well as I would like. And…I don’t want to!

I’ve also eased away from some of my systems so I’m working on refining them so that I can manage my projects until I hire someone. Stat!

My New Product!

I am in the process of developing a product! It is a huge process and I’m finding that I’m loving the challenge of working on a project. Connecting with other people who have generously donated their time and support to help me rock it, creating a landing page, and more. It’s is an exhilarating process and I’m looking forward to sharing this project with you in the upcoming weeks.

Changing Priorities

To be honest they aren’t really changing priorities so much as focusing on taking care of priorities that I haven’t taken care of or procrastinated on because of fear of failure, lack of motivation, and (ahem) maybe a teensy tiny bit of laziness. I’m one of those people with the amazing ability to procrastinate until I decide that I don’t want to continue getting the results that I’ve been getting in different parts of my life. So, I have three priorities and they are the only things that I’m focusing on until I accomplish those long standing goals that I’ve allowed to languish for some time. Will keep you posted.

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