I’m several years into my financial journey and one of the most interesting parts of it has been how my mindset has changed concerning what I consider to be lacking in my life. I used to constantly compare myself to other people and I would always end up feeling like I was a loser because I didn’t have: a car, the fancy trips, the amazing clothes, and the weekly mani-pedi.

This comparison merry-go-round fueled mindless spending, which increased my debt and left me feeling trapped and frustrated with myself for digging myself into a deeper financial hole. Then, I connected with the personal finance community and discovered that there is more than one way to enjoy the things that I want in life and that I don’t have to go broke in the process.

The Power of Strategy

I am the first to admit that I had a complete lack of strategy when it came to my finances. I would wake up, work hard, and get paid every two weeks. Then, I would pay my bills. I wasn’t thinking about the future…I was just trying to get through each day the best I could without losing my sanity.

I imagine that there are a lot of people out there who are just trying to get by the best they can with the resources that they have on hand.

Fortunately, we are living in a time where we can flip the script. As I read more blogs I discovered that many of these amazing bloggers (and podcasters) zeroed in on a strategy that would help them win at money.

  • The Snowball Debt repayment process
  • The Snowflake Debt repayment process
  • Extreme Savings
  • Minimalism
  • The All Cash budget
  • Getting off the grid
  • Selling it all
  • Cashing in your retirement
  • Downsizing
  • Epic Side-Hustling
  • Extreme-Couponing
  • The No Car Life
  • The old car life
  • All about the bike life
  • The making everything from scratch life

I’m sure there’s more. The point is, there is a financial process for every mentality out there. The key is to commit to the process that works best for YOU. The other day I reflected on the fact that a friend of mine made a financial choice that a lot of people dogged her out on. But, that decision was the best choice for her at the time that she made it. Would I do it? I don’t know. But, I’m not walking in her shoes. As for me, I’ve figured out the financial process that works best for me:

Embracing an Abundance Mindset

I believe 100% that there is more than enough time to take all of the trips that I would like to take. I believe that there is more than enough work for me to do to help others and grow my income. I believe that I will always have more than enough food to eat and clothing to wear.

I believe that I have more than enough. And, this belief has changed how I think about everything as it relates to my money. For those of you who know me, you know  that I’m woo-woo.

And, for long-time readers of this blog, you may have picked up that I was dealing with a lot of financial mindset issues. Not any longer. I’ve become very focused on being thankful for all that I have. I no longer compare myself with other people and I really don’t have the energy to do that.

I am actively working on cultivating abundance in my life. This abundance comes in many forms:

  • Appreciating and loving the people that are in my life and nurturing these relationships so that they remain healthy and continue to grow.
  • Helping other people….because I can. I may help others via volunteerism, donations, or just lending a listening ear. I give in a way that is healthy for me and because I can.
  • I understand that life is constantly changing and that a situation that I’m unhappy with will eventually change too (as long as I work at it).
  • Embracing creative ways to gain access to the things that I want and having fun with it.
  • Donating gently used items that I no longer need so that someone else can enjoy them.

Embracing an abundance mindset has helped me enjoy life more because I no longer feel like I’m lacking anything.

I have more than enough…and, it’s great!


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