Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It is one of the most unsettling, nerve wrecking, and potentially exhilarating experiences that a person could willingly subject themselves to go on. As an entrepreneur, you’re stepping out on faith that your vision, your business mission, will eventually pay off in customers and money.

Entrepreneurship is NOT for Everyone 

The ebb and flow of running your own business can be stressful for the most stable person out there. If you’re prone to anxiety, need a sense of control over most outcomes, and would prefer not to deal with financial uncertainty-you should never become an entrepreneur. It would eventually make you depressed and drive you crazy.


I would highly encourage everyone to learn how to run a small side-hustle (which is basically a business) to help create a sense of security during these unsettling times. I’m going to be blunt and say that I’m becoming increasingly convinced that everyone should learn how to make money outside of their regular 9-5.

On Sunday I spoke with a couple of my personal finance blogging buddies (separately). And, in both conversations, I start ranting (a tad) about the fact that it really worried me how much control people give their jobs over their daily lives. I recalled how it felt to ask permission for vacations, to ask for overtime to manage my workflow,  and to work extra and NOT get paid overtime because I was salaried.

The more I spoke with these friends the more I had to acknowledge that it was a frightening thing for me to see how much people’s jobs control their lives.

What if?

I began to think of different scenarios where a person gets nickeled and dimed even though they work additional hours. I thought of how automation is slowing eating away at mid-level management and other jobs that no longer require people to fulfill the tasks.

As I watch the news, I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the threat to people’s jobs…by some emboldened jerk who has a small amount of power over them.

Now is that time of uncertainty….and that has always been the case. What I love about learning how to work online and run a digitally based business is all of the opportunity out there.

You could:

  • Teach people how to pitch for paid writing gigs.
  • Share how you can start a podcast and monetize it.
  • Coach people on the logistics of setting up systems to run an online.
  • Start a cottage industry business from home (baking-check your city’s ordinances)
  • Actually do the work for busy entrepreneurs. Love creating sales funnels? Business honors would love your help!

I love the endless opportunities out there to learn new skills and share them with people…while getting paid. And, quite frankly, I love the confidence that comes with learning how to market, sell, and conceptualize how you would:

  • Become a dog walker extraordinaire.
  • Become a WordPress ninja
  • Or, the go-to person for Facebook Ads training (who did the Russians use? I kid, I kid!)

If you have a business idea that is inexpensive to start, you already have the skills to share it, and people have asked you to help them with it…why aren’t you growing that business? It doesn’t have to be huge. In fact, that business could be quite small. But, the benefit of earning money outside of your regular paycheck is priceless. It will change how you view work and earning money. I know that that has been my experience so far.

Again, full-time entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone…but, a fun side-gig is. What’s you side-gig?

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