I am in the middle of putting together a big project. In the midst of putting this project together I have been forced to ask myself some hard questions that I was surprised were at the back of my mind.

Everything Has a Season

Have you heard of that saying before? For those who haven’t the idea behind it is that certain moments don’t (and shouldn’t) last forever. That’s basically the balance of life there is good and bad, feast and famine, you get the picture.

I’ve Changed

In a good way. I feel GREAT. I feel like I used to before all of the crap hit the fan and changed ┬ámy life…except I feel better. I’ve learned that I’m a survivor, I’ve grown and matured and I want my life to move in a certain direction. I feel pretty peaceful about life and feel great about life in general.

My big project has forced me to think about some things that were blocking my progress in business and with my blog. For the past 4 years I’ve blogged about my issues with money and in the course of that process I’ve discovered a lot about my beliefs about money, what I feel I deserve and the self-destructive habits that I’ve had to break in order to change my money script and my future.

What does any of this have to do with blogging? A lot.

I’ve watched a number of my friends and acquaintances start to kill it in the personal finance blogosphere. Many have attained their debt repayment goals, savings related goals, become mainstays on television shows, and have become the face of their brand.

They have worked their butts off, written blog posts throughout the night, side-hustled their tails off, networked, and took chances. I have friends who are reaching 100,000’s of people a month with their blogs, podcasts, or both and making bank.They have worked hard for their success and I am so proud of them.

There are a couple of things that I’ve noticed that I have in common with all of my friends:

  • Changed our mindsets through a lot of hard work and focus.
  • Changed their process when things weren’t working
  • Connected with like minded people.
  • Kept trying

Except there is also one glaring difference between what my friends have done and what I haven’t…

They Got Out Of Their Comfort Zone

I have been cruising in my comfort zone for way too long. I have been way too comfortable with performing in the “O.k.” zone. Things were going o.k. Not bad, actually pretty good, but not amazing.

The Comfort Zone was what I ran from when I left my old job. The Comfort Zone is holding onto the last 20 pounds that I have kept holding onto that have made me feel less than my best.

Afraid of Failure

The Comfort Zone is a tricky place to exist in because you when you don’t push yourself to achieve your goals…it’s also hiding the fact that you might, just might be afraid of failure. The thing is experiencing failure is usually when grow and learn the most.

I’ve written about this before..just not in terms of my current life. I am fortunate that I noticed the signs a lot more quickly than before.

When I launch my big project the first week of February it could go really well, o.k., or fall flat. And I am both frightened and exhilarated by the idea of that happening. In fact, this is the most engaged and excited that I’ve felt about anything that I’ve done personally (besides quitting my job), well, in years.

The other change in my friends that I have also noticed is that they became comfortable owning their “voice” and believing that they are experts in what they are sharing. As they became more and more convinced of their mission, ability to help, and their trajectory they owned it! My friends posted pictures of themselves-everywhere, and became the face of their brand or the face of whatever they are doing.

Fighting Imposter Syndrome

I realized that I’ve been dealing with fighting Imposter Syndrome. You know, that feeling that you aren’t supposed to be wherever you are. That you aren’t an authority on whatever it is that you’ve been working on for years.

I reject that.

I am setting my place at the table. You know, with the big kids. It’s time and I’ve worked hard. It’s time for me to wrap up some pending business and to own my voice and my brand. Yes, my brand-which is me.

I want to help people in a very specific way and I can’t help them by being timid. Timid people have a really hard time getting the results that they are looking for. It’s possible…but a lot harder.

Things Will Be Changing

And it’s time because my season to be in the background has come to an end. I am both excited and a little terrified. But I know that these changes will invigorate me intellectually, help others, and will change my life. I am not want to continue staying in the background. It’s time to rock out the the things that I have been dragging my feet on.

I look forward to sharing my upcoming projects and hope you will join in.

Have You Dealt With Imposter Syndrome?


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