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I work in an office. Like most American workers I am working constantly on my computer typing away day in and day out working on the projects that I am tasked with. Even though I am active I have slowly gained weight throughout the years. Three to five pounds each year that I’ve worked for my company.

That weight gain now totals  around 25 pounds. Luckily for me the weight has settled in such a way that if you didn’t know me from before you wouldn’t think that there was a problem. But, if you knew me from before (and hadn’t seen me in years)  you would think that I look a little…bloated. But, all over. Huh.

Just like with my money situation I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the weight loss process. First, I needed to wrap my head around the fact that I had gained 25 pounds! I couldn’t deny the weight gain anymore because I could feel it. Every day, every moment both physically and emotionally.

Even though I’m fairly active, I’m just not fit physically. Walking fast has begun to tire me out. In fact, I have been getting easily winded when walking up stairs.  My thighs have been rubbing together-and have worn holes in some of my jeans. My clothes had begun to fit badly and I’ve stopped taking pictures of myself because I didn’t like the way I looked. If you check my personal Facebook feed you would see that I had stopped posting photos for the past 6 months.

I have a muffin top instead of a six pack and have been squeezing myself into my pants for months.  My muffin top has thoughtfully settled over my belt as a friendly reminder of all of the emotional eating I’ve been doing for the past couple of years. I remember having a six pack. It was hot! I loved having it. There is a reason why people with six packs show them off. They work hard to get them and I was kind of obsessed and worked on it every single day.

At this point my confidence has been dealt a blow. Because having money problems and being out of shape at the same time makes you feel even more crappy and overwhelmed by a life that isn’t going the way that you would like it to.

So, in a desperate attempt to pull myself together I bought an online coupon deal for a month of Unlimited hot yoga. My fitness focus also may have coincided with being a bridesmaid in a wedding in London. I will be the only American there and am feeling the pressure to represent my people (my fellow Americans!) Will also be whitening my teeth before I go. LOL.

The universe is on my side though. My job has just launched a health and wellness program. Employees who log in an activity at least 12 times a month for the next year will be paid $300. We will be paid quarterly and I am really excited about this program.

This came at the right time for me because I have finally, finally gotten serious about working through the process of getting fit.  This seems to be a new trend that companies are embracing. I’m not sure how successful these programs are, but when you look at how much companies pay out in sick leave health and wellness programs seem like a good investment.

Getting Paid To Lose Weight

By the way, the beginning stages of getting fit really suck. Let’s identify those stages.

  • Admitting there is a problem-I knew I was getting bigger and my friends from overseas who saw me would mention it when they saw me. Nothing mean or cruel. Just asking what’s going on with you? My friends The Venezuelan and The Russian both mentioned something in passing
  • Procrastination-I was overwhelmed by the whole process and wanted to postpone dealing with it. Procrastination is what kept me from dealing with my finances and my weight gain. However, the more I focused on my debt the harder it has become for me to ignore the weight gain. Have you noticed that a lot of personal finance bloggers  seem to suddenly get really focused on fitness as they get more and more focused on debt repayment? There is a definite connection between money and health. But, I’m no doctor. Just calling it how I see it.
  • Start-I didn’t have a well thought out plan other than to begin walking more. I knew that I needed to get the burn on, but I just needed to start doing something,anything first.  I have to accept that I won’t lose weight for awhile.  I just had to start moving. I purchased a pedometer for $9.99 at KMART. I began the 10,000 steps challenge. I never mentioned this before because I do so many challenges. It was amazing what a huge change that cheap exercise tool made for me. I sit for a large part of my day. The first week I averaged around 4,000 steps on the days that I didn’t go to Spanish class. With the pedometer I began to average at least 8,000 steps a day or more. During the weekends I now average around 14,000 steps because I try to walk everywhere-especially as we move further into spring and summer.
  • Getting addicted to the burn-I’m in this stage now and I remember it from before. I used to love the feeling of “the burn.” I used to be a dancer. I would dance for hours. Dance takes me to another mental plane. There is an endorphin rush that dance gives me that almost nothing else does. It was never exercise, it was pure joy.  I don’t love it yet. The burn that is. But, I’m starting to crave the feeling of pushing myself past my current limits. I’m even considering taking dance again for no other reason than to see if I can push myself and feel that rush again.
  • Becoming hardcore…and conceited (convinced again!) Not even close yet.

Currently I am at stage number 4. I have become addicted to the burn. The thing that I’m finding out is the days that I really don’t want to go and exercise are the days that I have to go and do it.  Kind of like with personal finance and debt repayment In order to get to the other side there is the pain that you have to go through. But, people are afraid of the pain because they think it will defeat them. Embrace it.

Getting Paid To Lose Weight

Are you motivated yet? What’s stopping you? Be forgiving of yourself and start with baby steps. Maybe you can join an online challenge that pays out a lump sum to the winner of the challenge?

Good luck,



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