Today we are joined by Aja McClanahan from the blog Principles of Increase for Girl Gone Frugal podcast episode 3. Aja and I had an amazing time talking for 2 hours before recording and I think that Aja’s story will inspiring to those of you who are looking to change your financial life by switching to a cash only budget.


Show Notes: 

  • Sound quality is a little scratchy on my end. I am upgrading my equipment in August, so I appreciate your patience. I just wanted to make sure podcasting was right for me before investing in a lot of equipment 🙂
  • Word for the podcast: Hygge (Danish) it basically means an absence of anything annoying. In this conversation we will use that to mean an absence of debt.
  • Learn a little bit about Aja’s story!
  • How Aja and her husband got their home-free
  • Why she doesn’t like the word “Hood” but uses it anyway
  • Her family’s cash only pledge, the difficult choices they made, and what the universe manifested
  • How she got her car
  • What happens when you take financing out of your money picture (it’s not an option)
  • My mind is blown!
  • 3 things Aja suggests doing to change your money mindset.
  • Her future goals
  • Will you move…when the kids get bigger?
  • Aja LOVES her neighborhood!
  • How Aja and her husband are keeping their kids “grounded” in life
  • Future goals for Principles of Increase
  • Who is Aja trying to serve via her blog?
  • The push to retire early.
  • Extreme Savings
  • Aja’s advice for people who are in their (50s+) who are struggling financially

I am 100% convinced that Aja and her husband will rock their current and mutual goals. I had a wonderful time talking to Aja and I hope you get a chance to visit her blog and get inspired.

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