*2/1/2016 Girl Gone Frugal has changed its name to The D.O.N.E. Society*

Today I share a wonderful conversation that I had with Taalat and Tai from  His and Her Money. A wonderful website that creates a comfortable space for people to learn about personal finance without judgement.


We Talk About The Following:

  • Word for the day-Hygge
  • How Taalat and Tai originally met
  • How is it working with people you already know?
  • Is there one thing that seems to be holding people back financially? A common thread?
  • Team work and who is B.J. Armstrong?
  • Taalat and Tai talk about childhood money memories
  • We discover that Taalat and Michelle could be twins!
  • I wonder if they only work with couples?
  • I crack myself up talking about dating and the money talk
  • I get into Taalat and Tai’s personal business asking about their finances before marriage
  • 3 tips for people tackling debt
  • I ask how does it feel to be debt free?
  • The question I didn’t plan to ask…but  decided it was too important NOT to ask


The D.O.N.E. Society


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