It has been basically 6 weeks since I’ve gone to do the grocery store for a decent shop. I cancelled an order for veggies and fruit and I was an idiot because I should have placed that order. I ended up going to Albertson’s and picking up veggies and fruit (oatmeal, chocolate chips, salsa, and eggs) I spent $49.52 I felt guilty at first but I waited for 6 freakin weeks!!! I feel really proud of myself and I still am committed to the project. But, one of things I noticed was that I started buying lunch a lot more often than I normally would because I typically make my lunches. The weather has also changed and the foods that I want to eat are lighter than in the winter. Instead of hearty soups, potatoes and meat. I want soups and smoothies. I made sure to purchase items that would take into account the change in temperature. Ok, so I am making my lunch now and making sure that I have snacks ready for the day. I was beginning to slip into bad habits that were having a negative affect on the integrity of this project. Will continue on.

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