I will admit it now, I used to be so grossed out when thinking about wearing used clothing. I had all of these crazy thoughts about the person who wore the clothes before me. Ewww. And, I just remembered when I was younger having to shop at KMART and wearing those plastic boots to the private school that I was attending at the time.

Yep, I was super self-conscious.

During my financial journey I’ve discovered that like many people, I had a number of financial biases that kept me from achieving my financial dreams. Let’s go through them to see if you have experience with them.

  • Used clothing-for the longest time I just associated used clothing with being poor. Fortunately, I’ve gotten over that bias and love that used clothing allows me to be kind to the earth and to save a TON of cash on clothing. I don’t look any different and I get a ton of compliments on my fashion sense 🙂 What changed? Well, I changed and I also did a one year No Shopping Challenge. Once you stop shopping for clothes for a year, any new clothes  you get are fantastic. Also, once I discovered a system for shopping for used clothing that DIDN’T look used-I was hooked!
  • New Cars-fortunately, this wasn’t a huge bias for me. BUT, I did think for the longest time that I should purchase a much newer car in order to be safe on the road. I ended up buying a 2000 Nissan Protege for $1500 cash and I am in LOVE with this car. It’s a great little car and runs like a dream. I do focus on basic maintenance and treating it with love but that car is awesome. And, it has only 137,000 miles on it. My goal is to drive that thing until it hits 225,000. Seriously. I also love that it’s a paid off car. My experience has been so positive that I don’t think I will ever own a new car. Nope. Not going to happen.
  • Food that’s “expiring”-You know. The whole best sold by date, or best eaten by. I love, love, love the deals that I get on those food items. I’ve yet to get sick off of them and by purchasing items closed to the sell buy date I consistently save around 30-70% on different food items.
  • Posh vacations-I always wanted a posh vacation. I’ve always ended up going to posh places but for little to no money. I am totally excited to try Business class…but, have decided to resist for as long as possible because once you go business you never go back. Ahem. I’ve also discovered that everyone’s opinion on what’s a posh vacation is different from everyone. For me, it’s all about location, location, location.
  • Practicing Self-Control-This may be a weird one for a financial bias but hear me out. We’ve been conditioned that we will miss out on something special if we don’t buy it now. However, it has been my experience that if I say “no” when the time isn’t right to make a purchase that I’m still able to connect with an item or service that truly love in the future. It’s so weird but it keeps happening. So, I make sure to tell myself “no” when I’m about to make a poor financial decision.

What are your financial biases? Does dumpster diving freak you out? Used clothing? Or, using coupons? Is the idea of stocking up a pantry for a year a bit too the world is ending for you? Share!

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