March was intense. It was the first full month of freelancing, the first full month of being back since my trip and I’ve been rocking and rolling the whole time! As it gets warmer, I envision myself working even harder because I grew up with the idea that you should “make hay” while the sun is shining.

Before I begin my March Link Love I wanted to share my thoughts on waiting until a situation is perfect before you begin. Don’t.

The Importance Of Starting 

I relaunched my old concept Colorado Luv Hub in February. When I started it I knew it was a little awkward (ugly), and that visually it was a bit incomplete. This wasn’t ideal because it is basically a travel site and should be visually appealing. I ignored the internal pressure I had for it to be perfect and I decided to launch it because sometimes I overthink my process and then I wait forever and the moment passes.

Sometimes it’s just important to start. I’ve wasted way too much time in my life being worried about how perfect things should  be before doing them. Some examples of that would be: delaying dating because I have debt, delaying quitting my job because I didn’t have a perfect after quitting set up, or delaying doing things that are important to me because I needed to see all the angles.

I will no longer do that. I will just START. And when I start, whatever it is, I will embrace the process regardless of how I think I should start it.  Don’t get me wrong-I probably will spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking through my process. But, not for as long as I used to.

If you’re waiting for things to be perfect, then you may be forever waiting: for The One, to start debt repayment, or to lose weight.  The One will work with you on your debt-as long as you have a plan, debt repayment takes time, and so does losing weight.

Just START. You can tweak things along the way. So, I tweaked Colorado Luv Hub and it looks so much nicer. I created a logo, changed the look of the site, added social media, and added new posts. It was a little awkward at first but I’m glad I started with the awkward initial site. It can only get better.


TSMCP Around The ‘Sphere

Lindsey From Cents and Sensibility shared my post Taking A Fresh Look at My Debt in her Sweet Savage Love Earth Hour Edition. I LOVE HER SWEET SAVAGE LOVE SERIES!! If you’re not following her blog and also are a romance reader-you’re missing out!

The ladies from the newly launched site Fruclassity shared my first post in my #GirlBoss Series: Lisa Nichols Make sure stop by and support their new project. Running a blog takes a lot of work so I know they would appreciate your support.

And my post The Myth of Job Satisfaction: Are We Over thinking Work? Was shared over at Makin the Bacon. I feel your pain girl! Just know that I am sending support your way and that you aren’t the only person who has experienced this type of struggle. I have walked in your shoes. You’ll figure it out.

Some Of What I Wrote For The Money Spot:

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March Link Love

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