How to Network Your A$$ Off At Your Next Conference

Discover the steps that I use to meet a ton of people, be authentically ME and uplevel my business. If you’re a creativepreneur,┬áconferences may figure heavily in how you connect with new business opportunities.


Can be tricky! If you struggle with the following:

  • Over-confidence which can be perceived as arrogance
  • Nervous about being in groups of people who are unfamiliar to you.
  • You’re a confident introvert…but, introvert life.
  • You’re not a great fan of other people
  • You feel like you have nothing interesting to say

Then, my free webinar “How to Network Your A$$ Off at Your Next Conference Without Having to Imagine Other People Naked” is the tool for you. You will also get my follow up strategy and my favorite tool for high impact follow-ups.

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Elle Martinez- host of Couple Money podcast and author of the book Couple Money

Sandy Smith

Founder of the Elevate Community, Hustle Crew, owner of Yes I Am Cheap;

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