I broke up with my job 3 years ago and I have to admit that I don’t miss it all. I’m also very proud of the way that I left the organization. In fact, I’m constantly amazed by people who quit their jobs like they’ve lost their minds. Never leave a job like you’re a crazy person. Remember, your current job is likely one of the places that you’re learning the professional skills that you will use in your future online (or offline) roles. How to quit your job in a well thought out and classy way is tough skill to learn.

How To Quit Your Job

When it’s no longer bae… It’s similar to breaking up with someone. You want to do it in such a way that you don’t leave them wondering “what the hell just happened?” In fact, it’s kind of funny how some companies are completely blindsided when their policies and practices clearly are horrible for their employees? Many employers will think that their company and the job you’re working will be the best that you’ll ever had. Umm, nope, not even close.

First, you shouldn’t do the following:

  • Bad mouth your company
  • Quit on t.v. to start your pot company…when pot is still illegal Federally
  • Quit on social media-unless you’re already KILLING it with your online endeavors

Instead, you need to plan so you can get out before you lose your mind and end up on t.v.


When I decided that I’d had enough of my job it was time to create a plan to get me the heck out of there before I completely lost it. It was important for me to remind myself daily what a blessing the job had been. Because it had been a blessing.

  • Provided me with monthly income
  • I had access to amazing events as a part of my professional role
  • I met amazing people at my job
  • Because I worked at a university I was able to learn Spanish for “free”
  • My benefits were awesome
  • Because of the income, I was able to purchase my first home.

Yes, my job was wonderful….until it wasn’t. But, I had to focus on the good because focusing on the bad was making the situation worse.

Create a Plan

Like with any well-orchestrated break-up, it’s always good to create a plan. You don’t want to drop your notice awkwardly during the middle of a meeting. Or, start b#tching about how your job is basically making you crazy and you have to leave RIGHT NOW. Be careful, because you never know who’s around and may take you up on what you said and you’ll find yourself out of a job without a plan.

  • Work on your resume
  • Get clear on how you’ve helped your organization move forward. Find tangible results (read-NUMBERS) that would look great on a resume or would help get future online clients to buy from you. Example “I helped my organization retain 30% more clients” or “I helped Jenna/Chase earn thousands more in their business as a result of the help that I gave them…”
  • Find ways within your current organization to grow your skills before you leave.
  • Change your attitude (this one is HARD). You’re likely so damn done. But, people will notice if you’re making an effort to be positive.
  • Set a date-But, be flexible. Things may change as you prepare to leave. But, by having a “quit” date you can work towards

Action Distraction

As you focus on taking actions that will get you out of a job situation that is no longer serving you well, you’ll notice that the stuff that drives you crazy won’t drive you as crazy-because you’ll be busy.

This is when things get real (and a little more difficult) because you’ll be tired. Many people who switch jobs forget to share this piece which is: you will be tired as you actively work towards a new reality. ┬áSome additional actions you may want to focus on include:

  • Reworking your budget-Find areas to save. Because…why not?
  • Side-hustling-more money is always great!
  • Overtime when offered-because adding to your savings is always a great thing.

Why am I sharing all of these ways to save and make more money? Because there when you’re this done with a job there are two situations that may potentially come up:

  • You may quit prematurely
  • You might get fired

This is a little woo-woo, but I’ve seen this happen so many times that I have to bring it up. Sometimes the Universe knows you’re ready for a “shift” and shifts you before you’re ready. It’s one of the weirdest phenomena I’ve witnessed. But, in the past year, I know of around three people that were over their jobs…and then ended up getting fired or quit early. If you’re done with your job-start saving the cash. Seriously.

Need some additional guidance? Get your “How to Break Up With Your Job When It’s No Longer Bae…And, Work For Yourself Online” guide today!

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