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I used a number of resources to help manifest change in my life. These resources were so helpful that I wanted to share them with you. I will be adding more resources as I find information that I think would be helpful to you.

Some have changed the trajectory of my life, others resources have saved me tons of money! Love it.

Let’s begin changing your life today!

Please note: some of my links are sponsored and I may receive a small amount of compensation if you purchase something via that link. Read my disclosure HERE.

Financial Tools and Other Services

Here are some financial tools and other resources that I use to help me save money and make my life easier. I hope they will be off help to you too!

  • Digit-Save money in an FDIC insured account with Digit. Tiny increments of money are sent to your Digit account every few days. Savings has been my most challenging habit to learn. This is a step in the right direction. Click the following  affiliate link to get started saving today. I explain how Digit works in the following post: Digit is My Savings Homeboy! 
  • Betterment-I am now saving money via Betterment.com. It is a painless and easy way for me to re-start my retirement savings after almost a year of self-employment. The great thing about using Betterment is that you can start saving with a really small amount. I literally rebooted my retirement and goal savings with two different accounts with initial deposits of $25 dollars each. As time moves one I will add on to my monthly amount to get back to the the amount that I was saving before I quit my job. Every little bit COUNTS! Open a Betterment account now.
  • Uber-I just started learning how to drive a car this year. Part of why I was slow to learn was because I had (have) access to public transit and live close enough to downtown Denver to ride my bike. However, sometimes I like to go out and UBER is great! They actually have to pick me up LOL. Click on my referral code: michellej2507ue to get a $20 credit towards your first ride as a new customer. You will have to download the app on your phone btw. Also, please note this is an affiliate link.
  • Don’t laugh that I’ve included this in my change your life area. But gorgeous lingerie is nice to have from time to time and that is about the only thing that I don’t purchase from the thrift store (unless it’s brand new).  Check out Naja.com and use my affiliate link to receive $15 towards your purchase. I LOVE this lingerie. Gorgeous!! If you’re a lady you need to treat yourself from time to time (mindful of your budget). I also stock up on toiletries so that I’m looking and smelling my best!
  • iBotta! This is a grocery savings app. I love this app because you can use it to get discounts on vegetables and fruit! I  don’t really love coupons because I always forget them. Also, I eat a lot of fresh food so I find it a bit difficult to find receipts for what I like to eat. This app is really simple to use but you have to remember to save your receipts and take pictures of your receipts at least once a week. Click here (affiliate link) and start saving money on your groceries. If you redeem an item within 2 weeks of signing up using my link you will earn an additional $10 towards your first payout. Check out  the following post: My $20 Dollar Grocery Week: How I Rocked It and Some Food For Thought 
  • Thrive Market-Online grocery delivery. If you’re not excited about going grocery shopping, don’t have a lot of free time, or just would like to try something new, Thrive Market is a natural and organic online grocer. Check out my review and why I love it so much!
  • Mint.com-for tracking your expenses-You’ve got know what’s going on with your money. I am in the process of exploring other money tracking websites and will share those as soon as I have a review.

Your Personal Life 

If you are just joining my journey now then you missed all of the super depressed years (lol!) I am very proud of the journey that I’ve been on to improve the quality of my life and my connection with other people in my life. The following books were amazing resources for me, and supplied life changing tips that I continue to use to this day. I hope they will help you too.

  • Your Money or Your Life-By Vicki Robin (book) Talks about money and the energy that you use to earn money. I do think that the book could be much, much shorter…but, anyone who feels conflicted about money and the process of earning it-this is a must read.
  • Take Time For Your Life-Cheryl Richardson (book) This book was the book that helped me work through all of the crap that had build up through the years. Of all the books that I’ve read in the past two years I have to insist that everyone read this one.
  • The Miracle Morning-Hal Elrod-I absolutely love this book and still follow a Miracle Morning regimen on a daily basis.
  • How To Create A Vision Board-by Me 🙂 I am mildly obsessed with vision boards. I believe that they help people create a visual road map of what they should be working towards in their lives. A well crafted vision board is a wonderful tool that people can use to move themselves towards their dream lives. I know it sounds like a bunch of crazy talk-but it works!

Life Changing Finance Related Websites (blogs)

  • The Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn-If you want to earn passive income this the podcast that you should lesson to on a weekly basis.
  • His and Her Money-Podcast with Taalat and Tai-A wonderful couple who share helpful tips and inspirational stories about people who triumph over debt. Love these two!
  • Afford Anything-An amazing blog! Paula Pant is the owner of this blog and is a huge presence in the passive income niche. I also think it’s great to have a female voice in this arena.

Blogging and Podcast Related

I wrote the following post “How to Start a Blog, Change Your Life, and Find Your Tribes” I talk about the transformative affect of starting, maintaining, and growing a blog and the way it changed my life in a profound way.

  • What Mommy Does Pinterest Ebook-A book about increasing your blog views via Pinterest. Check it out today! (affiliate link)
  • Elite Blogging Academy-I purchased this course right before I left for Australia. Since then I have gone back into the academy to do a refresher and have had fantastic results. If you would like to sign up for the waitlist for the next academy CLICK HERE! You will automatically receive the free e-book “7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight.”
  • Podcast Technical Help-My podcast’s rss feed broke at the end of December. The only person who reached out to me MORE THAN ONCE was the amazing Shawn Thorpe from www.shawn.mx. He is super helpful, nice, and I will continue working with him as long as podcast. If you work with him please let him know that Michelle from The Shop My Closet Project referred him to you.
  • Logo-I have recently worked with a logo designer on Fiverr. I am so happy with the result and the service that I received that I wanted to make sure that people are able to find this designer easily. You can find him at: Smork. While I tend to almost always prefer to work with people Stateside I absolutely loved working with him and think you will be happy with him too. Btw, the logo that I worked with him on is for a special project.


When you go into business for yourself you will need to continue to educate yourself and work on getting yourself in the right frame of mind to attract both money and clients to your business. I will be honest that I received Make Money Your Honey from Amanda last year at FinCon14. But I didn’t read it until now because I wasn’t “there” yet. I am so, so glad that I kept this book! I highly recommend it and I will also be using several of the tips that Amanda gives.


I love to travel and I especially love to travel in a way that many consider non-traditional. I embrace off the beaten path travel, am o.k. taking public transit, and love to stay in hostels. My goal is to have epic trips but at a fraction of the typical cost.

  • AirBnB-receive $25 off your first booking! Stay in a home and save money. Maybe a hostel isn’t for you? Or, you’re traveling with family or a group of friends? AirBnB offers a large variety of places that you can chose from and save money. Make sure to read the  post below about how to use AirBnB Safely.

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