So,  the name of this blog is in reference to my love of fashion and the amount of shopping that I’ve done. It’s also about learning to use what you have in a thoughtful way before going out and shopping like a crazy person. You may already have what you need. I am NOT anti-shopping. I do enjoy it. I love the idea of how fashion allows someone to transform themselves and show a different side of their personality. Similar to the KMART commercials with Sophia Vergara

That being said, I would like people to start shopping their closets and posting amazing outfits on my Facebook page as an ongoing challenge. Show that you can be newly frugal or always frugal and fashionable without breaking the bank. I want to start a movement! So, starting on October 15 through November 10, 2012 I would like people to “shop your closets.”

The Shop My Closet Challenge:
What do I have to do??
1.) No clothing (accessories/shoes/bags) anything that adorns the body! shopping for 4 weeks. 
2.) No borrowing clothes from anyone. Why, because this will force you to think creatively about what is already in your closet.
3.) Be fashionable. Because what’s the point to looking cray cray?
5.) Have fun

Again, the hardcore challenge will begin on October 15, 2012. But, if you’re already shopping your closet and looking fierce frugally post a family friendly picture on my Facebook page (The Shop My Closet Project). Tell us (if you remember) how much you spent on the outfit and where you got your outfit from. Let’s inspire one another  while saving money.

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I am an obsessive foodie, but not self-righteous with it, love travel, meeting new people, helping you look good, and am freaked out by people who don't enjoying reading...something! Grab a Perrier, read my blog, feel free to drop me a line! Hope to hear from you soon.

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