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The months of April and May have been ridiculously expensive. As is often the case, a perfect storm of financial choices all happened at the same time. In the midst of making these decisions, I realized that I won’t stop dropping cash on the things I love. And, as I make these financial decisions, I realize that sometimes it’s worth paying the big bucks for I want. And, if there is one thing that I’ve learned after relearning my financial choices-quality beats quantity every time.

The Things I Love

Seem to sometimes cost  A LOT of money. I love organic food (Whole Foods),  nice bikes, smoothies, trips, experiences, and have a ridiculous love of shoes. When I’m in a store I have the amazing superpower of veering towards the most expensive item…every single time. Interestingly enough, I don’t seem to car about labels, posh cars, or expensive jewelry.

Every 5 years or so I find myself having to replace items that I bought years ago because they all seem to break at the same time. I thought I would share my process of dropping cash on the things that I love without going broke.

Delayed Gratification

I spend a ridiculous amount of time making my larger spending decisions. Especially because I am now on a cash budget. No credit cards for me! Since I’m spending cash, I am VERY aware of every hour that I spent earning the money that I’m about to drop on an item that would be considered a 1st World Need (problem).

It took me 2 years to decide to buy my Vitamix. Yep, I bought one. And, I plan to use it until I’m 90 years old. Why did it take me 2 years to make this purchase? It’s freaking expensive, and let’s be clear-a Vitamix is a very obvious want and not a need. Do I regret the purchase?


I love my Vitamix. I just made soup in it. And, I’ve used it basically every other day since I’ve purchased it.

Research is Key

As a result of research-I save a ton of money on my purchases! I spend a ton of time researching the items that I would like to buy before I buy them. I check to see if there are sales, coupons, or refurbished models available. I no longer accept that the initial price that I’ve seen on an item I would like is the final price-because 10 times out of 10 -the price you see isn’t the final price.


I spend a ton of time researching before buying (basically, delayed gratification) and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. Because I’m not.

This year I’ve:

  • Replaced my bike. One of my secret powers is that I get free bikes all the time. The last one I’ve had for 5 years. This time I wanted to have a new bike. So, after 5 years-I bought it. I LOVE riding bikes. I will get at least 5 years of happiness out of that purchase. And, I plan on rocking the affiliate program (shameless I know).

(I got a Public Bike C7 model in Red)

I love it

(and, I’m an affiliate)

  • Bought that Vitamix. I love it.
  • Created a strategy to afford the different fun events that are happening in and around my town. Whenever possible I’m volunteering to participate in fun events such as: running races, adventure competitions, or a special dinner somewhere.

I also think about the past items, events, or experiences that I truly enjoyed and figure out if I would like to participate in the future.

Examples Include:

  • The Denver Derby Party-This is a huge event that also doubles as a fundraiser. Participants pay between $130-$300 for 4 hours of fabulousness. Unlimited mint juleps, dj, oysters on the half-shell, food, and more. The money goes towards funding 4 or 5 full-ride scholarships to attend the Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I LOVE this event. I LOVE education. And, I LOVE any reason to dress up and party. It’s a win all around. And, I love seeing the students who now will be able to attend college 4-year full-ride and not going into debt like I did.
  • Movies on the Rocks-Red Rocks Amphitheater just outside of Denver holds a ton of different events throughout the year. One of my favorites is Movies on the Rocks. The ticket is $12 and it includes: a band and a movie. It’s a great time and a wonderful crowd.
  • Yoga Classes-I’ve discovered that local venues hold one-off yoga classes such as: Hip Hop Yoga, Rock and Roll Yoga, and more. For $5. And, you get wine. Making my dollar squeak while getting my shavasna on.


Typically if I’m making a purchase that I consider frivilous or a serious “want” I will side-hustle to get it. In fact, a friend of mine runs a brand ambassador program for a food product here in Denver. I’ve decided to pick up hours towards paying off debt (still have some) and any purchases that I would like to make. Sometimes it’s good to associate lost time and a bit of pain and suffering (hustling) in order to get what I want. I don’t want to use money from my business for frivolous stuff anymore. I enjoy brand ambassador work because I like people so it’s a easy way for me to make some extra money. You can’t get something for nothing.

Side-hustles ROCK. 

The things I love may seem ridiculous to other people but personal finance is personal. The things I love make me happy 🙂 Fortunately, I’m pretty much set for the next 5 years until I have to do my next set of upgrades.

Cash is King

The things I love are purchased with cash. Period. End of story. And, that’s why I’m willing to side-hustle when necessary.

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