I’d like to start off by asking you a question:  “What do you want out of life?” I realize that this is a pretty loaded question. Almost like, why is the sky blue or why is lint attracted to belly buttons? Some questions are kind of hard to answer. But, as I get older I discover more and more that life is a series of fortunate accidents, unfortunate accidents, and intention. Still not sure about the belly button lint

It’s only a week into the 2015 and if you’re like most people you’ve probably made a resolution or two. You may have even spent sometime thinking about what you didn’t accomplish last year or are feeling pretty good about what you did accomplish.

What Do You Want Out of 2015?

For the purpose of this post I want to focus on intention. Some of us subconsciously understand this and practice habits that move us towards what we want in life. I will admit that I think that we have to be very aware of the energy/thoughts/actions that we send out everyday to the universe. For example: Have you met those people who believe that the world is crappy and people suck?  And you look at their life and you’re like wow you’re really unhappy and your life kind of sucks?

Or, you wake up and wonder why you’re stuck and nothing’s happening to move you towards what you want in life ? Not like I would understand this feeling at all (sarcasm).

You Need To Craft A Vision For Your Life

Just like when you’re at work and you have a plan for your professional life for the year. You have to do the same with your life. I want to be clear about something right now: it is highly unlikely that you will meet all of the goals that you set for 2015. If you are a regular reader of blogs, books, or watch the t.v., you will notice a long list of people talking about the goals that they didn’t achieve. I always think that’s a waste of time. It’s not like you’re never going to achieve those goals. Maybe it’s just not the time for what you want to happen.

Focus on What You DID Achieve!

And how you achieved it. I am a big believer in crafting vision boards, writing goals for the upcoming year, and meditating on what I want for myself.

Craft A Vision Board

You will feel like you’re in the 4th grade, but wasn’t that a great year to be a kid? None of the body odor and all of the childish enthusiasm about life. So, how should you craft your vision board for 2015?

  • Get a a large cork board/a big piece of construction paper/or your diary.
  • Get a bunch of magazines
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Your imagination!!

Think about what you want and split your board into different quadrants that reflect what you’re focusing on. For example, my board for 2014 was split into the following quadrants: love, wellness/fitness/travel/and money

I then began looking for pictures that would reflect what I envisioned for myself. Not only did I do that, I also wrote things down, and checked back from time to time on my progress with some of my goals. I personally prefer to use a large cork board as I sometimes move things around the board.

Be Audacious!

Dream big dreams. Why dream small? If you achieve half of your big dream you may find yourself to be just as happy as if you achieved the original goal that you set for yourself.

Keep Your Goals To Yourself

As much as possible, keep your goals to yourself. Or, be very, very careful about who you share your dreams with. You will be surprised by the Naysayers. They come in many different forms: parents, loved ones, kids, and colleagues. Once they show a lack of understanding of your dream-shut’er down. Don’t try to convince people why YOUR dream is amazing. Just let it go and share with people who get it.

What I Want Out Of 2015

Yes, I’m sharing some of what I’m dreaming about for myself with you lovely people. But, you’ve proved to be my biggest supporters!

  • Love-I will be focusing on meeting “The One” Basically, I will be hanging out in Menver (Denver) participating in events and activities that I enjoy and I’m pretty sure that I will met a nice guy sometime next year. It helps that I’m rested and not commuting for 4 hours everyday. Ugghh.
  • Connection With Others-I will be focusing on spending more time with the people in my life that I love. I love my family and friends! I can’t wait to go bike riding with mom, go to coffee with my friends and all of their little ones, go hiking, happy hour, and yoga with the singletons.
  • Professional Success and Money-I am looking to grow professionally and make money.
  • Savings-I want to save a certain amount of money. Time to make it happen.
  • Debt-Pay it off. That simple
  • Health and Wellness-Focus on keeping things calm in my life. I already have enough things that stress me out so I really want to eliminate the things that bother me. Those things include: long commutes (done) negative people, cynical people, depressing people, zombies (what happened to hot vampires?) My weight.
  • Fun and more time in Nature-I love going to the mountains, camping, snowboarding, hiking, and can’t wait to go snowshoeing with Mr. and Mrs. 1500! I love enjoying Colorado’s amazing landscape and I am looking forward to embracing opportunities to hang out in the mountains as often as I can. I also am looking forward to all of the free festivals, movies in the park, volunteering, and the discovering new places.

That’s literally all that I want to focus on this year. Every other year has been full of job related stress and anxiety or money related stress and anxiety.  I’m not saying that I won’t have stress and anxiety, I just will have structured my life in  such a way that I can manage issues better when they come up.

Please share with me some of the things that you want for yourself! Supportive space right here! Let’s encourage each other as we dream big!

What Do You Want?

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