One of the interesting things about running a blog is that you are documenting your life. When I look back at my blog throughout the years I am amazed at the amount that I’ve grown and changed in the past 5 years. Recently I’ve realized that having my finances in complete disarray left me with a feeling of powerlessness that I hope to never feel again.

In the past five years I’ve worked on:

  • Money mindset
  • Underearning issues
  • Depression
  • Financial habits
  • Anxiety
  • Debt reduction
  • Relationships
  • Learning how to manage (financial) and other crisis
  • Myself in general

The process has been very intense, painful, and illuminating. I’ve literally had to relearn and recreate my financial mindset. In fact, the process has been so intense, I’ve developed an extreme dislike for people who judge people who make financial mistakes. Why do I dislike those judgey people? Because no one is perfect and as long as people keep trying-they will eventually (I believe) achieve the goals that they are working towards. Because the financial journey will change them profoundly. I know that my journey has changed me.

So, now I’m working hard to close an old chapter in my financial life and beginning to focus on a new chapter in my financial life.

F.I.(R.E.) in 4

Have you heard about the F.I.R.E. movement? Very briefly, followers of this mindset and financial focus do the following:

  • Focus on extreme savings 65-80%
  • That savings is then used to invest typically in the following:
    • Index funds
    • Real estate
  • Pay off all debt
  • Grow passive income through: business endeavors, real estate, and other projects such as blogging.
  • Work to become financially independent separate from their paycheck through making targeted financial decisions. Some people will choose to stop working all together as soon as they are able to live off the dividends of their investments. Other people will choose to continue in their current career OR change their career and do what they are naturally called to do.

I plan on writing a more in depth post about this in the next couple of weeks. I wanted to give you a brief primer because my new financial focus is to finish paying off my debt and switch my focus to F.I.(R.E.) in 4 years. Basically, I would like to hit my target number in 4 years.

Why This? 

And, why now? I found that even though debt freedom has been a great (and truly important) goal…I needed a goal for after that one. I just kept feeling like I got bored with my debt-freedom goal…seriously. I needed to add something that was a little harder to attain and I needed more of a challenge.

As excited as I am about becoming debt-free…I was like, and then what?

This is the what.

Don’t laugh, but I’ve also been triggered by a lot of things happening out in the world.

  • Politicians making moves and creating a social climate that makes me very nervous.
  • All of this crazy weather.
  • My future goals and dreams for myself.

These very random and different things have rebooted my focus and changed my long-term goals. I tend to be very goal focused and having this long-term financial goal that piggybacks off of my debt-freedom goal is huge.

F.I. is Feminist as ….

Because you are so empowered when you take control of your money. Learning how to grow your income, invest, save, and manage your impulses is the key to a healthy financial future. I feel like in the begiining of a revolution. Want to join me?

Have you heard of F.I.R.E.?? 

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