Are you the type of person who eats to live or lives to eat? The answer to this question will dictate how you approach your food purchasing and help you to discover what your food habits as you look at your big picture spending.

I Live To Eat

I am the type of person who watches cooking shows, takes pictures of well plated meals when I eat out, and I roam Farmer’s Markets in every city that I visit. I love thinking about food, buying food, eating food, and cooking food.

I used to live in France where buying food is quite frankly an art form and a sport. There is nothing better than roaming the different stalls and choosing the best: cheese, tomato, and bread for a simple meal with a glass of wine. And, tasting the amazing quality of each item separately and together.

So Besides Travel, Food is My Other Drug

So, it was important to me maintain a high standard of food quality while saving money and time as I worked on paying off my debts.

I have become a huge supporter of once a week grocery shopping because it saves two things: time and money.

I was surprised when people were a little leery of this idea and immediately assumed I was eating: packaged foods or bad quality items. That was so far off the mark (and this reaction happened more than once) that I thought there was blog post in the making!! You wonderful readers made me think about how to “sell” or at least give some direction on how to grocery shop and maintain a high level of food quality. (Thanks for this blog post idea ladies!!)

I Basically Don’t Eat

  • Prepackaged foods-I would say that about 10% of what I eat comes pre-made: Frozen Croissants from Trader Joe’s, Pot Stickers if I don’t want to make them…
  • Microwavable Foods-I don’t own a microwave. I got rid of it years ago as I thought I was buying too many microwavable meals and it took up too much space on my countertop in the little place
  • Fast Food-I probably eat “fast food” like Chipotle/Smashburger/Lark Burger (all Colorado Companies) about once every 5 weeks. I do like it on occassion, I just would prefer a higher end meal and am willing to wait to eat a kick a@@ meal later.

What I Do Eat

  • Organic-I live within walking distance to a Whole Foods and to several Farmer’s Markets during the summer. I try to get most of my veggies from places that source organic items
  • Grass Fed Meats-Having lived abroad I can tell you that every time I come back to the States eating meats that aren’t grass fed grosses me out-there is a HUGE difference. You can really taste it.
  • Fresh-I cook my meals people. And, it isn’t that big a deal and doesn’t take up too much time.

You Can Eat Organically And Grocery Shop

Just Once A Week-Here’s How!

  • Meal Plan-Have a loose idea of what you’re going to eat during the week. I eat a lot of salads so I tend to purchase: kale/broccoli/cabbage/fennel, and arugula (rocket). The first four obviously last longer in the fridge so I would eat the arugula first as it would go off the fastest. I also eat a lot of carrots, tomatoes, green onion, and zucchini.
  • Meats: Don’t eat so much meat. Better quality equals higher costs. If you buy meat that is marked for quick sale eat that immediately or freeze it.
  • Freeze Your Meat: Just freeze what you’re not going to eat immediately so that it doesn’t go off. I will pick up items that are on sale and throw them in the fridge. Then, as you work your meal plan you know what to thaw out the night before.
  • Know Your Pantry: I have a Rock Star pantry. Seriously. I can right now make: Chicken tikka, fresh chai (have all the spices) or Irish oatmeal. The point is you have to have a well stocked and maintained pantry with items that you use to supplement the fresh items that you pick up each week.
  • Fruits: Frozen berries (off season) work wonderfully in smoothies/pies and from what I understand have a high level of nutrients still in them. Apples/Citrus Fruits (Oranges/Grapefruit/Tangerines) last  longer so those are the types of fruits I pick up. If I purchased fresh berries at the beginning of the week I would eat those first, then the other longer lasting fruits. I also eat Jicama a lot in the summer. I don’t know if it’s a fruit or not, I just know that it’s delicious with lime juice and chili pepper flakes.

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Use Your Time Saving Kitchen Aids

We live in a time when we have a number of time-saving machines that can be used in our kitchens.

  • Crockpot-Personal favoriteThere is nothing better than coming home to a delicious meal of pot roast and veggies simmering on a cold day.
  • Programmable coffee machines-Waking up to a cup of fresh coffee is heaven
  • Bread makers-It seems like people don’t use these as often as they imagine when they first buy it. So, really think about this one.
  • ComputerUse your computer to put together a list of easy to throw together healthy and delicious recipes
  • Youtube-I love Youtube. I learned how to make smoked tofu watching a video.

Now, I should say, if you have the time to pop into the store every other day then, hey, Rock On! And enjoy 🙂

But, I just spent 10 years commuting and anything that I consider a time eater I am hugely resistant to, and will do anything to avoid it. Also, if I go into the grocery store every other day I will overspend like crazy.

Would You Be Willing To Try Once A Week

Grocery Shopping? 

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