Some posts that I enjoyed reading this month! I was inspired by several, laughed out loud, and was moved towards action by others. It took me awhile to put this list together because I will only do Link Loves at the end of each month and no more than 10 links at a time…

  • Blond on a Budget-Talks about changing her blog focus

  • Budget and the Beach-Thinking about the pros and cons of where you live.

  • Kylie Ofiu-is giving to others! Please help her reach and surpass her fundraising goal for 2013

  • The Happy Homeowner-Is no longer working for “The Man” my inspiration!

  • L Bee and the Money Tree-Talks self love…ahem…

  • Frugal Portland-Bye Bye Sallie Mae!

  • Retire by 40-Talks Pigeons, Poop, and $60,000. This post is hilarious!

Mochi and Macaroons goes off on personal finance bloggers-She’s sick of our boring sh$t!


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