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Casey Neistat has an incredible video called “Do What You Can’t.” Basically, it’s a video pushing back at all of the traditional things that people tell you to do throughout your life.

My story, though, is a combination of doing what people said you should. Has it worked out for me? I’m still deciding.

The Early Years

That cute kid had no idea how tough things would be. Ironically, biking is still one of my go to free and fun activities. My friend doesn’t look happy LOL!

The High School Years

  • Join extracurricular activities to show how “well-rounded” you are. Well, I did that. I was on the Pep Squad, was a cheerleader, was in the French Club, and even helped co-found the Black Student Union (surprised you didn’t I?).
  • Work a part-time job-I did that too. I started working when I was 16 years old. I remember fighting my mom about it because I could see that we didn’t have a lot of money. And, I wanted stuff. I wanted expensive clothes and meals out…because basically, my mom’s budget didn’t include those items. I’ll never forget what she said at the time “Michelle, once you start working you don’t stop.” I didn’t understand what she meant at the time but I do now.
  • Take ACT prep courses so that you can do well on the test to get into college.
  • Go to college-I applied to 7 universities and got into six. I ended up going to a university that I’d never visited before…by myself by train-because that’s what I could afford. By the way, it was the school that gave me the most money.

The College Years 

  • The struggle is REAL. 
  • I am completely unprepared for adulting-specifically managing my money.
  • I get my first credit card(s) because a college student who works in food services really should be given a credit card. It’s like taking a hit of a drug. Money, that comes from some nice company that wants me to have nice things. Oh, you have to pay that back? Sh$t.
  • Bill collectors begin blowing up my phone. I end up going to a non-profit credit counseling organization  (my mom doesn’t even know this).
  • The stress is so bad my sophomore year that I end up on academic probation. That’s a wake up call and I dig deep so that I can graduate in 4 years. I get it done with a TON of student loan debt. That student loan debt ends up being my longest relationship outside of my family. Sad.

After College

  • My finances continue to play a huge role in my life because they continue to be a complete mess. I make the same mistakes over and over again-not knowing how to break the cycle.

There are some good things that happen during this time despite the mess.

  • I live in France for 6 months (Paris) and study French. I return to study for an additional 3-weeks a few years later in Amiens (northern France)
  • I travel around the world throughout the years:
    • England
    • Switzerland
    • Italy
    • Belgium
    • Spain
    • Holland
    • Argentina
    • Japan
    • Almost all of the United States
  • I audition for dance shows, the Real World, Road Rules,  the Denver Broncos Cheerleading Squad (got close…were my boobs too small?) and the Denver Nuggets Dance Squad.
  • I manage to be an extra in R. Kelly’s only non-sexually explicit music video which was filmed at Red Rocks in Colorado.
  • Fell in love a couple of times

Basically, I lived life…the way that most people do. Taking it each day, embracing the good, getting frustrated by the bad. But, money continued to be an issue for me. During those years my mom lost her job and I eventually supported the 2 of us on Starbucks money. Let’s just say-that’s not a lot of money. I did everything that I was supposed to…but, kept asking myself-is this it?

The Great Recession

Changed everything for me.  I was tired of how money: earning it, paying off debt,  investing, etc. was a constant distraction and frustration. I began reading books about paying off debt, money mindset and more. Then, I began reading personal finance blogs.

I was addicted.

It wasn’t just me who was completely mystified by money. Or, continuously frustrated by the fact that I kept making the same mistakes over and over again.

Slowly but surely I began to connect with people who encouraged each time I tried to master a new financial skill. They “got” me. And many had walked in my shoes.

Michelle Is Money Hungry 

Is a blog about my money journey and my evolution from:

  • Completely financially illiterate person.
  • Credit Card addict (they are my heroin) but, can be a great tool for others.
  • Mindless overspender to cash budget aficionado
  • 9-5er to Digital Entrepreneur

This space of the internet is a place where people can admit their financial mistakes and work on improving their financial lives. I’m here to encourage you as you change your financial life. You will find tools and ideas on how to:

  • Save money
  • Make more money
  • Digital entrepreneurship
  • Live your best life
  • Keep trying-until you achieve your goals

I want to encourage people not to give up. To keep trying until one day…all of that effort hits a financial tipping point. You can change your life…

Then Technology Happened

Game changer. There is a lot going on right now that is out of your control, but, right now we are living in an age when we have access to free resources and tools that can teach us how to change our lives…and make money!  Spend the time reading, taking action, and hustling (be mindful of wellness during the process).

Technology will help you change your life. I did it via blogging and podcasting. Maybe you will find another digital tool/resource or space to change your life. Keep putting in the work.

My Current Goals

  • Grow Michelle is Money Hungry as a holistic financial/entrepreneurial and wellness resource. I believe that all of these parts of your life are deeply connected.
  • Pay off the following:
    • My mortgage
    • My mom’s mortgage
    • Student loans
  • Grow my passive income-specifically tied to my two blogging projects.

2018 is About Abundance

The Unapologetically Money Hungry Manifesto (blog post link)

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