You may have noticed that I disappeared for a bit. Well, just for the past week. No new posts or podcasts, barely a tweet…I just didn’t have the energy. In fact, I’ve felt pretty exhausted since I returned from FinCon15.

My head has been racing: full of ideas, projects, and to do lists. I want to try so many new things and then I went to another conference called Type A Con this weekend in Atlanta, GA and learned even more stuff that would be helpful as I work harder on my business related goals.

Myself and two of my wonderful mastermind members (Kim Anderson and Toni Husbands)  presented the following panel: How a Mastermind will Grow Your Blog. It was very well attended and we received great feedback.

Stuff is starting to happen. And, no, it’s not fast. I started blogging as an outlet in 2012 and really had no plan for it. I just knew that I enjoyed the process, loved connecting with people, and needed to deal with my stuff. I kept putting one foot in front of the other.

Over time, you begin getting results from all of your hard work. And when the results arrive there is this mind trip thing where it feels like it happened overnight.

Recently the Following Has Happened:

  • Client Changes I-I lost a client that I was already thinking about giving notice. The Universe made the choice for me!
  • Client Changes II-I Added some phenomenal clients that I met at FinCon15. I am incredibly excited about the projects that I will be working on-and I will be payed more too.
  • Pitched an event with another cool blogger for FinCon16 and it is a GO!
  • Spoke at a conference this past weekend in Atlanta and will be speaking at another conference in Chicago in November. It’s a small regional conference but it will be a great experience.
  • Started a No Sugar Challenge for the next month. Basically, I’m trying to eat as little sugar/added sugar as possible. I am looking at every food item that I pick up and anything over 10 grams of sugar-I don’t eat it.
  • Worked on my goals/plans from now through December 2016.
  • Started an exercise regime. Have begun training for a Stair Climb in February and a 1/2 marathon in May.
  • Still fighting laryngitis. Sigh.
  • Changed my hair-it’s darker for Fall.

Things that HAVE to Happen:

  • Work on newly received projects and ROCK them!
  • Finish planning my trip to see my Grandma. Happily, the plane ticket was only $50 roundtrip.
  • Schedule my posts for December. As is my normal practice, I will be taking a break from blogging from December 13, 2015-January 2, 2016. I will have new content publishing on the site during that time-but, I will be off the internet as much as possible during that time.
  • Finish all pending projects.
  • Start ‘Scoping (Periscope) regularly and get used to how it works.
  • Begin working on pitches for 2016 conferences that I plan to attend.  The conferences that I plan on going to will begin their call for speakers and panelists in early January (I’m guessing). I would like to have all of my pitches and ideas ready to roll so that I can just copy and paste my pitches as soon as they open up their call for submissions.
  • Schedule talks for January 2016-I am really focusing on this part of my business. I had a fantastic time working on and presenting the Mastermind panel and would like to present/talk about other topics that I care about and believe will provide value to readers.
  • Vaguely begin thinking about refreshing and updating my site. This would be an ongoing process of tweaking and refreshing things on the site a little bit at a time.
  • Creating a new logistics schedule. My schedule isn’t working in the way I need it to so I have to rethink my process. I may need to seriously consider getting a virtual assistant. I’d like to work on my process first and create some process protocols.
  • Stay consistently ahead on both of my sites: The Shop My Closet Project and Colorado Luv Hub. Normally I have my editorial calendar set for 2 months. I add and change things each week, but I love having a large number of posts already ready-just in case.
  • Continue connecting with people to interview for my podcast Girl Gone Frugal.
  • Prepare for the Holiday Giveaway challenge that I am super excited about. Let’s help others 🙂

I’m Feeling Overwhelmed

I want to do everything and nothing and I am aware that what I do now will have a ripple affect for later. So, I’m spending some time rethinking how I’m approaching freelancing, the blogs, opportunities that come my way, and the podcast(s) as I actually have two. I realize that disappearing acts happen when you just want to catch up on sleep, hide, or are feeling overwhelmed. That’s where I’m at right now.

Things are starting to happen so this is the moment where I have to dig deep. I’m exhausted, I keep straining my voice at these events (it’s driving me crazy right now) but-I’m starting to see results from all of my hard work. I can’t coast right now.

As you know I follow the Miracle Morning process. I was getting up super early, and then slacked off for a bit. I am now back on getting up early-those days are much more productive. I just have to manage my health and get enough sleep to get my projects done.

How Are You Doing?

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