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My friend Holly Johnson is a freelance writing ROCK STAR. This year she is currently on track to make well over $200,000 for the year. She knows what she’s doing. At this time in my blogging life I’m very, very careful about the products that I recommend. But, when my Holly asked if I could help share her course it was a no-brainer.


Listen up. You can make a lot of money as a freelance writer. But, it does take a bit of strategy, a lot of hard work, and an understanding of the ins and outs of being in business for yourself.

I used Holly’s advice and learned how to value my time, become a lot more efficient as a writer, and am a lot more comfortable asking for competitive rates. Freelancing is my side-hustle as I grow my online business.

If you’re looking to become a freelance writer and would like to work through the learning curve than Holly’s course Earn More Writing is the course for you.

Earn More Writing

Is the course for current and future freelance writers who don’t want to subsist on ramen. Who are serious about being in business for themselves, or want to change their current process because they’re tired of writing tons of posts that suck up a ton of time for little pay-especially after you take out taxes!

Two of my favorite components of the course are the following:

  • The closed Facebook group with access to Holly.
  • Access to editors who will give you tips on what they are looking for from their writers.**This is huge**

My Interview With Holly

This year I interviewed Holly and we talked about the ins and outs of freelance writing. This is interview was for my D.O.N.E. Society peeps (future online entrepreneurs) if that’s your plan check out the closed Facebook group today!

It’s a very enlightening interview and she shares a TON of value. Imagine what her course is like! Purchase Earn More Writing today and begin growing your freelance writing career today.

The interview starts at minute 3:50 (yes, I changed my hair LOL!)

This interview covers the following:

  • The beginning of Holly’s freelancing career
  • What motivated her
  • Blogging and the connection to freelancing
  • The types of clients Holly focused on
  • Networking
  • Mindset
  • Time management when working full-time and adding part-time freelancing
  • Managing a freelancer cash flow

Loving the Information?

Buy Earn More Writing Today!

  • How she created her own benefits package as a self-employed person
  • Healthcare LOL!
  • Client expectations and managing boundaries
  • When to let go of a client
  • How to figure out what clients to work with…
  • Rihanna money moments
  • Managing your rates! And, how to ask for more 🙂
  • Cold-Pitching
  • Niche down or no?
  • How to become a better writer…
  • What life is like now and her current budget
  • How to keep writing fresh on similar topics
  • Advice for future FinCon attendees

I hope you enjoyed the interview! It was recorded in the spring and great window into Holly’s freelance writing business.

Order your copy of Earn More Writing today!

And, don’t forget to request your list of 101 other ways to make money.


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