One of the issues that I’ve worked on in the past year is managing my “self-talk.” You’re probably wondering, what are you talking about? Basically, I am referring to the messaging that I send to myself…about myself.

When I was younger I wasn’t conceited I was convinced. I was very self-assured and confident because my mom made a point of working on my self-confidence. She was very concerned (rightfully so) that I would be negatively affected by the messaging that I would see in media everyday.

In the past year as I tried to reboot and re-imagine my life I realized something huge. I was constantly telling myself negative things about myself. This self-sabotage was the number one problem when it came to my money, my self-esteem, and my ability to imagine what I could do.

As I’ve worked on positive self talk this year I also realized that what you tell yourself is also how you present yourself to other people people. How can you be a bada@@ if you don’t think that you are one?

How can you be attractive if you don’t tell yourself that you are attractive? How can you be a success if you tell yourself all of the reasons that you are a failure or will fail? Successful athletes don’t seem to have this problem.

5 Reasons Self-Talk is So Important

  • You believe what you tell yourself so spend some time figuring out what you’re telling yourself thousands of times everyday and then work on it if it’s negative.
  • You can change your circumstances through positive self-talk. There more positive I become the harder it is for negative beliefs to take root.
  • Once you’re constantly talking to yourself in a positive way, you’re able to trust your inner voice. Your inner voice could also be called your “gut”
  • Whatever you’re telling yourself is what you’re telling other people through subtle behaviors. If you feel: ugly, bad, a failure and you’re telling yourself these things everyday. You’re telling other people this as well.

I am finding that I’m spending a lot of time working on my self-talk. It’s so important to me to change what I’ve been telling myself so that I feel good about-myself. The thing is it takes time. Especially if you’ve been telling yourself negative things for years.

I was just at the Australian Tennis Open and I discovered something very interesting. These superstar athletes don’t just shout at themselves about what they could do better, they also self-talk and pump up their self-esteem through their t-shirts.

Here are some great examples:

Stan Wawrinka

Maria Sharapova

What Are You Telling Yourself Everyday? Is Your Negative Self-Talk Hurting Your Dreams? Is Your Positive Self-Talk Helping You Manifest Your Dreams? 

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