As a person who is a part of the personal finance blogging community the word “hustle” is synonymous with all things positive: making more money, creating your debt free life, getting things done, basically moving your life forward in the direction that you would like it to go in.

At this point I feel like a I should be an action hero in a futuristic movie slaying obstacles that keep coming my way as I work towards my end goals. I am hyper focused on these goals and work almost daily to make them happen.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that hustle was not a positive thing to do.


Why are people poo-pooing the fact that there is a level of hard work that has to happen to make what you want happen? It doesn’t mean that you do everything the hard way, but hustle is in my mind the measure of how much effort you put into working towards a desired outcome. You could be working towards: debt repayment, weight loss, meeting new people, you get the picture.

When did people become so lazy? What is wrong with hard work and why are people down on it? In fact, is this the same train of thought that has people afraid of experiencing failure and giving participation ribbons?


Is comes in many forms and the best type of hustle happens when you are inspired by: an idea, a dream, or a goal. This should fuel the urge to work intensely, with focus, and drive. Why are so many people afraid to work hard? Why is everyone so p.c. now? It’s so annoying. Sometimes the journey is more important than the end result.

The thing is I think that when people think about hustle that they imagine working day in and day out, drudgery, and pain. Have you ever hiked up a giant mountain and had that feeling of reaching the peak? Or, you worked your a@@ off through university and remember walking across the stage to get your degree? Or, had a baby after a hard time conceiving? Or, the quiet victory that happens when you achieve what other people imagine you couldn’t achieve. Hustle is the cumulation of day in and day out moments that only you and your loved ones notice. Those thankless moments become a testimony of your willpower and vision.

Those moments make you a bada@@ and when those moments are over you’ll look back and think-wow I did this!

What is wrong with digging deep and pushing yourself hard to do something that is beyond your own expectations. I love proving that I can do what I never imagined myself doing or achieving a goal that people thought I couldn’t achieve.

How To Hustle Like a Boss

Look fierce every day. Dress for the career that you want to have. You don’t have to wear a suit but show up rocking “you” everyday. Have an unwavering vision and do the work that you need to do to make what you want to happen for yourself.

Be clear about your end game. Break your process down into steps that are manageable and that you will actually be able to achieve. Surround yourself with people who will move you towards the goals that you’re setting for yourself instead of making you wonder if you’re crazy to try what you’re trying.

Be kind to yourself. If you don’t meet your initial goal figure out what didn’t work and make adjustments so that you can achieve your goal the next time you try.

I am still deep in the trenches of hustling hard to make what I’m trying to do do happen.  I am stepping up my hustle game. It’s not easy, it’s a little scary but I’m putting myself out there. Send me good vibes!

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