My laptop has always given me problems. In fact, I am convinced that I have the one defective MacBook Air in America. I’ve had so many parts replaced FOR FREE that I’m beginning to think that there is a note on my account that says “she got the sh$tty one.”

I joke that the 5 year old who made my laptop in China must have had chubby fingers and placed a widget in the wrong place (I joke, I joke…but not really). Suffice it to say, my computer problems have been pretty epic with this specific computer and as I’ve mentioned before these things will always happen at the least opportune times.

Dealing with stressful times as a self-employed person takes some skill and focus. Today’s issue:

The White Screen of Death

Taunted me last night and this morning. No matter how much I tried to reboot, Crtrl+Alt+P+R, and every other thing that I could try with my own pudgy fingers-nothing worked. This is a problem because I work digitally. I’ve mentioned before that technology as a digital worker is your blessing and curse because you end up being your own tech person until-you’re not.

So, I’m typing this post as I wait for my Genuis Bar appointment and think to myself that as frustrated as I am at this moment, it is times like these that make or break your decision to continue working for yourself. Because you have to dig deeper. Ironically, I am in the process of pitching more, and expecting more of myself. I am looking forward to launching my 31 Day D.O.N.E. Society Challenge with the hopes of helping other people navigate the stressful and confusing world of pre self-employment. You know, when you’re freaking out and everyone is telling you that you’re crazy.

Did I mention that I sat on a wet chair and now look like I’ve peed on myself? Fortunately, I’m wearing a long coat today!

It is not lost on me that at the exact moment when I want to amp things up life has thrown roadblocks in my way. But, I think those roadblocks happen to make sure that you really, really are committed to path that you’re on. These are the moments that build character.

I also got a hater on one of my blog posts and I couldn’t resist teasing them!

1st World Problems

I am typing this post in a very nice part of town on a very nice computer for free at the library. It’s not ideal but I have this service available to me. I may lose some of my podcast interviews but most of what I do is saved into “the cloud.”

This technology glitch is a small bump in the road and really frustrating but I know that in a few days or by next week things will be back to normal. At least I have: a roof over my head, food in my home, electricity, water that isn’t poisoning me, a great education, and a support network.

Good Things Happening

Ironically, there have been some good things happening this week. Apparently myself and 3 of my Mastermind Group members are in the top 20 for sales of Elite Blog Academy this was completely unexpected on my part and pretty awesome.

My challenge launch will be small but mighty LOL! I’m actually happy about this because I have been given some guidance and ideas to make the challenge a better experience for the participants.

I’m also getting paid by my side hustle for tomorrow even though it has been cancelled.

Finally, Spring is coming and let’s face it Denver didn’t really have a winter this year. Despite the stressful stuff-I feel good about the big picture and believe with 100% of my being that the future looks bright.

Being Self-Employed is hard and any person who tells you it’s not is lying to you. It’s how you manage those moments that well decided if you can deal with it for the long run.

Dealing With Stressful Times As a Self-Employed Person

Takes skill, a serious level of focus, the ability to cry and then move on. And, courage to leap into the unknown. I will now go to my Genius Bar Appointment-wish me luck! And, yes, I was able to create the image on the library’s computer LOL!

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