For the last few years I’ve noticed that the U.S. Postal Service has been having some difficulties. With the introduction of the internet people have embraced online banking, e-filing, and basically internet everything. We get our bills sent to us through e-billing and it’s a good thing because using less paper is good for our forests. But, I have been worried about you guys. And, I’m not talking about the jokes about postal workers going “postal”. I’m talking about the fact that the U.S. Postal Service, the wonderful business that guarantees mail delivery through rain, sleet, and snow is no longer getting the volume of mail that it needs to be a viable business model and now, U.S.P.S. has announced that Saturday service will be suspended. People are using Facebook, sending emails. and text messages to one another. The art of a well written letter is becoming lost in the ease of communicating to one another through electronic means without having to put pen to paper and write about: missing a loved one, romancing the person of your dreams, and asking your Grandma for her famous Red Velvet Cake Recipe.

Mr. Postman, the writing is on the wall. The ground is rumbling beneath you and the Postal Service that propelled thousands to middle class life is on the cusp of major changes. I want to ask you are you prepared? Are you saving money, speaking with people who could be good references for you? Are you making moves to transition out of a business that sooner or later will begin cutting jobs and making  hard decisions to insure the viability and longevity of said business? Are you looking at your skills and seeing what you’re qualified to do? Have you begun working on your resume? I want you to own your transition and stop being loyal to the U.S.P.S. and be loyal to yourself. You have put in your time and if you’re wondering if it’s time to change your job-it is! Pay off your debts, increase your emergency fund, talk to your loved ones, tell them it’s getting real in your home and that you don’t trust that you will still have your job by the end of the year.

It makes me kind of sad to write this. I appreciate the work that you do bringing letters from my mom, my grandma, and my friends to me. The joy that these written missives have brought me is priceless. I have kept most of these letters in a steamer trunk in my room. The time that was spent writing these letters and bringing them to me will be reflected on when I’m old, cute, and a little round. Reading through the thoughts that people wrote and felt like sending to me. You were a part of these moments too.  I still love writing my friends and family and obsessively collect the cool stamps that are issued throughout the year. But, even I am finding it hard to schedule quiet time to put pen to paper and write a well crafted letter to the people that I care about.

I am hoping for a writing renaissance, a resurgence in people loving stationary who find it quaint to write friends and family like the resurgence in sewing. I don’t want letter writing to be a lost art.  I don’t want you to lose your jobs. But, things don’t stay the same.  Take care of yourselves. Don’t wait. Thank you for always delivering.



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