Make More Money

One of the topics that I think EVERY personal finance blogger should spend a heck of a lot more time discussing is the importance of making more money.

Under-earning Sucks

And, many of us are under-earning because we didn’t negotiate our pay, apply for low-paying jobs, have a mindset issue, or are reluctant to start a side-hustle. The reality is that in order to move the financial needle earning more (and spending significantly less) are two of the most important strategies that single women can embrace to change their financial lives.

But, in order to earn more, you have to believe that you can and know of all of the ways out there that you can use to make more money.  Once you begin earning more it changes what you think is possible for yourself financially. I know that was the case for me.

When I use the tagline “unapologetically money hungry” I’m referring to fact that I need to make real money to make real changes in my life.

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