It is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday today. I’ve decided that this year I would share fewer political posts unless they really served a purpose. In this case, I think it’s incredibly important to talk about the importance of making more money in 2018 and beyond. And, why making more money as: women, person’s of color, etc. is so important during a time when it feels like so many things are out of our control.

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Making More Money

Has always helped to push people towards greater personal security and debt-freedom. Making more money ensured that people had the power to control their own lives. As a person who has experienced making too little money and desperately waiting for people to pay me, I understand that money has power. I also understand that there comes a point in time when you have to claim your power over your money.

If you’re wondering why you’re not making more money, or you’re feeling stuck financially read the following book: “Overcoming Underearning.” It has helped me understand how I sabotage my finances. And, I now know what I need to do to take control of my financial life.

One of the biggest issues that many people who feel as if other people have too much control over their lives is fear. I hate to admit it, but, I have to admit that I was afraid of the following:

  • The work that it would take to change my financial life.
  • Dealing with the inevitable failures that I would deal with along the way.
  • Doubts that I could actually change my financial life.

Money Mindset

When I look at the mindset issues that I was dealing with, I feel a huge sense of empathy for that person. In looking at my financial success (bookmarked by a lot of failures) I still had successes!

  • I paid off $12, 500 in debt in 2017.
  • I’ve gone from a ridiculous number of debts and financial obligations (so many I don’t even know the number) to just 5 outstanding debts.
  • I’ve learned how to make money outside of a traditional 9-5 job. Definitely not easy.

The more I take control of my financial life, the more I have a sense of power and control over my life. I want: women, people of color, and other underrepresented communities to gain their power through bettering their finances. I want us to have:

  • Money saved for emergencies, fun, and life in general.
  • Money saved for retirement.
  • No debts and only financially obligated to pay your monthly expenses.
  • Low monthly expenses because you’ve spent time lowering your expenses thoughtfully.

In a political climate such as the one that we’re currently in right now, focusing on what you can control is urgent. And, focusing on what we have power over is huge. Money controls so many parts of our lives. Lack of money drives us to bend to the will of others and do things that we don’t want to do.  Basically, lack of money makes us other people’s b$tches.

I say all of this to encourage you to focus on earning more money. You owe it to yourself and in a moment in history like the one that we’re in-it’s a powerful act.

How to Make More Money

I’m often amazed by how many ways there are to make money. Here is a short-list of  ways to make more money.

  • Change your job and give yourself a raise-A lot of people change jobs and forget to focus on the money. Apply for jobs that you can grow into. You don’t have to be 100% qualified to apply. Men are KNOWN to apply for jobs that they aren’t entirely qualified for. Women-they are known to pass up applying for positions that they don’t have 100% of the qualifications for. Don’t do this! Apply no matter what.
  • Side-Hustle-there are so many ways to earn money outside of your job.
    • Become a brand ambassador
    • Start freelance writing
    • Becoming a blogger (a bit of a longterm process)
    • Sell things on eBay.
    • Become a part of the sharing economy: become an AirBnB host, drive for LYFT, shop for Instacart.
    • Become a Demo Specialist (at grocery stores)
  • Share your expertise and become a creativepreneur selling your personal expertise.

Read the following blogpost: 101 Fun, Awkward Cool Ways to Make an Extra $1000 

It’s the beginning of 2018. How will you reclaim your financial power? You start by making the decision. Good luck!

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