It seems like everyone is trying their hand at entrepreneurship. It feels like if you throw a rock you will hit a person selling:

  • Leggings
  • Protein powder
  • Jewelry

And, the list goes on. You’re bombarded almost daily by people who are trying to sell you something that you may…or may not be excited by. Many of these companies operate under a business model called “Multi-Level or Network Marketing.” And, this business model has gotten a bad reputation.

In my view, every business successfully selling a product depends on a combination of the following:

  • Community
  • People excited by the product
  • People excited by the company culture
  • Opportunities within the company
  • A brand or product that people fall in love with because it does one of the following:
    • Gives users an aspirational feeling
    • Perceived to change life (in some way)
    • Makes you feel good

Michelle and Shawn Poe

Seemed to have found that secret sauce and are serving their community, making a ton of money, and aren’t driving the rest of us crazy by pitching us all the time to buy from them. I had to get them on Girl Gone Frugal (again) to dig deeper into their success. This is one of my favorite interviews and if you are an entrepreneur (regardless of business model) you will learn from this episode.

By the way, I am in no way affiliated with the product that they sell.

Listen to the Show

  • How Michelle and I met. The backstory, and what I started noticing about their business.
  • Michelle and Shawn introduce themselves
  • Feel the Fear…and do it anyway.
  • Michelle connects with this product…Shawn is a bit skeptical. And, what was going on with Shawn’s life a the time.
  • Shawn gets meta-he makes an observation about how business is changing.
  • We start breaking down what the 1st year of business looked like
  • I try to wrap my head around how they had the time to do this…HOW??!!
  • Short-term Sacrifice vs. Long-term Gain
  • It took 9 months to get Shawn out of his job.
  • I push even harder-we dig even deeper into the business model.
  • The importance of using the system that the company, community, or organization shares.
  • Naturally weaving stories with product (no hard selling)
  • Why company/organization/community events are everything-and why you should go to them.
  • We break the business down even more.
  • Attraction marketing and getting constantly in front of people.
  • Let’s talk Passion!
  • The importance of consistency.
  • Shawn gives me a business reality check. They are still working hard.
  • That time when I experience Michelle and Shawn’s business world. Mind Blown.
  • What life looks like now.
  • The importance of building residual/passive income into every business model.
  • I ask the following question “What if you’re in a business that’s not heart-centered. How do you grow it?
  • We talk Fenty cosmetics.
  • I ask about their recent experience hanging out with a guy with the initials T. R. (he’s kind of a big deal)

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Resources Mentioned

  • Chasing Life
  • Life Vantage/Protandim
  • Circulation Journal
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