There are several of you reading this who are like…who’s Bow Wow, and what’s his challenge? Well, this is a bit tongue in cheek and I will catch you up on who he is and why I’m even talking about him.

Bow Wow

Is a fairly well-known rapper and actor. He has been in “the business” for awhile and seems to have access to a pretty nice lifestyle. You know, the kind that rappers share all the time. Expensive champagne, nice jewelry, trips abroad, sexy love interests, and private plans.

Oh, wait. Was that him sitting in coach on my last flight? I kid, I kid. But, not really. Bow Wow was caught in a moment of financial infidelity with his friends and what was an innocent shout out to the masses via “private plane” became a meme about truth in advertising.

For me, though, this became a moment to talk about how so many of us perpetuate Bow Wow financial moves and shouldn’t be making fun of Bow Wow when we should be looking at our own financial transgressions.

For my entire financial life, I used Bow Wow moves to pretend like I had it all. I used credit cards to fund:

  • Trips abroad
  • Buy cute clothes
  • Eat at expensive restaurants

You get the picture. I was pulling a fast one on everyone until I could no longer keep up with the payments, the calls, and the stress. Then, I had life happen (which it always does) and things got really rough.

Bow Wow

And other public figures provide their fans with content that fuels their quest for the dream life. Of course, Bow Wow would be flying on a private jet. He’s a rapper. Of course, he has tons of money. He’s a rapper and he said that he has tons of money. Of course we’re going to believe him.

Opportunities Lost

I wish that being financially responsible could be perceived as just as sexy riding in coach and sharing how you invested your dollars and grew wealth.  I wish that as a society we didn’t encourage people to deceive instead of show by example that life can be just as sexy via:

  • Coach-isn’t it the destination that counts, the people that you meet, and the fact that you got to travel at all?
  • Share the financial stories of Gloria Estefan, Magic Johnson, and other famous people who used their “15 minutes” of fame and purchased property, envisioned opportunities, employed others, and got REALLY rich.
  • Embracing a semblance of minimalism like Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffet, and others who focus on serving others. Not how they look or who is serving them.

I also wonder why he felt compelled to put a false face on his choice. Why not say #savingbank on Southwest (not sure what airline he was on). Or, cheaper than paying for jet fuel. Talking to people who watch me on Criminal Minds. You get the picture.

Bow Wow already makes more money than most people. Where is the shame in rocking his money? In making money choices that will lower his expenses and grow his savings?

Who knows! But, as a person who was crazy broke, living on credit cards, and faking wealth. I would prefer to have wealth and fly in coach…because I could. What about you?

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