I love working the side hustles! Side Hustles are any extra job or task that makes you extra money. Side hustles have a very important role in my debt repayment journey. I have begun looking for new side hustles now that it’s a new year and I’ve rested up.

Last year I focused on picking up some fun and interesting side hustles. What types of side hustles did I do in 2013?

  • Mock Juror
  • Scavenger Hunt Pre-Check-Had to check all the clues of a Scavenger hunt before it was run.
  • Cleaned houses
  • Did surveys
  • Was asked about my opinion about stuff
  • Did test trials for products

There are an endless number of things that you can find out there to make money. In doing my side hustles I’ve developed a simple protocol so that I can make the most money, have fun, and spend the least amount of time working on these individual side hustles.

  • Look everyday at whatever place you use to discover side hustles. I look at Craigslist specifically under the following tabs-Events, Domestic, Gigs, Part-time, and etc
  • Look at towns next to yours in addition to your actual town.
  • Don’t settle for everything
  • If it seems sketchy-it PROBABLY IS!!!
  • Should make the most amount of money in the least amount of time!
  • Have a minimum amount that you absolutely must make-my minimum is $30. Typically I make at least $75-$100
  • I won’t do product testing unless I’m making at least $50 because of where the place is located (takes time and energy to get there)
  • The more you side-hustle, the more you’ll find. It’s like the side hustles have side-hustle babies!
  • Have fun with it!

If you are in the process of getting out of debt, trying to save more, or just want extra money because you want extra money than having a clear Side Hustle strategy is the way to go!

Good luck.

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