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For those of you who know me, you know that I love fashion. In fact, it should not be a surprise that I called my blog The Shop My Closet Project LOL! Now let’s be clear, I’m no longer excited about shopping just to shop. I’m over emotional shopping and shopping because you’re bored isn’t any good either. Once you’ve got a handle on all of these behaviors or habits you’re now ready to embrace a couple of habits and places that will help you look and feel your best when you step outside your door.

Shop Your Closet

You may already have some great clothes in your home already. Take time to shop your closet. Look at your favorite magazine, celebrity, or fashion Instagram feed for ideas. Make what you already have in your home fresh. Re-think the colors that you would normally combine together, the jewelry that you have, or even the materials that you would normally combine. Take some risks, if it doesn’t work-at least you tried!

I would also encourage you to do a No Shopping Challenge for at least 30 Days. You will be amazed at how creative you become with what you have and how quickly it happens. I did a year long No Shopping Challenge from 2013-2014 and was amazed to find out that people really don’t care about what you’re wearing. I’m serious. My friends and family would compliment the same items over and over again not realizing that I had changed how I was wearing that item. Or, I was actually wearing things that had languished in the back of my closet for the past year. Once you stop shopping you pull that stuff out really quickly.

thredUP*My Favorite Online Thrift Store

I’m mildly obsessed with ThredUp which is amazing to me because I used to hate the idea of thrift when I was younger. I didn’t like it because that was one of the main ways my mom and I got our clothing. Never mind that the clothes were of fantastic quality and on-trend. I just couldn’t get passed the idea that I couldn’t really afford new clothing. So, I got my first job in high school and would splurge on the clothing that I wanted. I didn’t save, I didn’t really try to rock any bargains, and I really wish I understood why my mom was so thrifty. Parents, don’t try to shelter your kids from this conversation. Involve them so that they understand the why of what you’re doing.

Things Have Changed

I absolutely LOVE thrift stores, and thrift shopping. I actually don’t shop that often anymore and have spent around $500-$600 for clothes this year. That includes items picked up at thrift stores in Melbourne and Sydney when I was visiting Australia.

Let’s be clear-you have to replace your clothes. They wear out! This year I’ve had clothes: rip, zippers break (will get those fixed) holes appear in pants, or dropped stuff on shirts and stained them in such a way that I can’t get the stain out. I’m also an adult. I don’t want to go around all the time looking so casual that people can’t take me seriously. I’m also trying to date and want  to feel that I’m looking my best when I step outside the door.

BUT, I don’t want to go broke shopping, in fact, I want to spend as little money as possible on clothes, umm, basically I want to spend no money on clothes anymore. Keeping it real! Fortunately, ThredUp  has been helping me with my quest to zero dollars spent on clothes for 2016. If you’re needing to pick up some fabulous “new to you” items use the following link to get $10 dollars towards your next purchase.

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Here is How I Want You To Rock Free Clothing Too!

I currently am an avid (read-obsessed) fan of thredUP* and started out telling everyone about it by just sharing my affiliate link to get shopping credit. Then I realized that I needed to share that you too can become an affiliate!


Click on the Account tab at the top left hand corner of your ThredUp page. You will see “Referrals and Invitations” that is where your referral link is located. Share your link with friends and family who have: expressed that they would like to save money, are already fans of thrift shopping, have kids and need to save on their kids’ clothes, or are into saving the planet’s resources (am serious).

It will take a little while for the referrals to come in but when they do you’ll be so excited! Who doesn’t need an extra $20, $40, or more towards their clothing budget?


Is the amount that I earned in November while I traveled and visited family. I did not send reminder emails (which is an option) I don’t think I really talked about ThredUp on my blog this month and I only shared it once on my Facebook page. I did spend $18 to pay for the rest of an order that I just made. But, I don’t think $18 is that bad considering that I just ordered the following:

  • Date night heels-didn’t have a saucy pair of heels!
  • Puma walking around sneakers-I don’t like to wear regular tennis shoes for walking around. I like cute walking sneakers (very European of me)
  • Ballet Flats-black, very classy
  • Zebra stripped flats

I also ordered (for free) this month the following:

  • Tall black boots
  • Wedges
  • Rock and Republic Jeans
  • A dress for summer or the beach
  • Express scarf-am using that a lot
  • A leather belt-first new belt in 3 years.

All items are fashionable and “on-trend.” I should also mention that as items come in, items have to GO OUT.

Embracing Minimalism

In order to make sure that I only have nice things in my home and that clutter doesn’t take over I order “Clean out” kits from ThredUp. It’s basically a very cute white polka dotted bag with a pre-paid shipping label already on it. That label is specific to you and all you have to do is clean out your closet with NICE items that are gently used and drop off the bag at your nearest FedEx. My current clean out bag is pending and should be processed by next week (can take up to a month). I will either receive a credit towards my next shop, that I can also opt to payout via Paypal, or it’s possible that some items will be passed up and I’ve opted to have those donated if that’s the case.

Looking my best always helps me feel my best. I also love that I am spending very, very little money on clothing and being friendly to the earth at the same time. Hope this works for you and helps you save money. Again, it will take a little while for the affiliate money to come in-but when it does you’ll be SO HAPPY!
The scarf in the picture below looks like the scarf that I got, except mine is black with sequins (subtle). Love it!

ThredUP Inc.

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