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Since the beginning of my debt-freedom journey, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on killing my bad habits, changing how I bring things in my life (paid for-no credit) and lowering my cost of living. There was an almost addictive quality to each of these areas of focus.

How Low Can You Go?

I loved sharing blog posts about how I got things for free (and still do) and all of the amazing deals that I have been able to connect with as I worked hard to change my financial life. Every time I scored a deal, I would shout it from the rooftops because it was so damn awesome to feel like I was gaming the system.

Until I realized the system was gaming me. I stopped wanting to spend money. I stopped getting excited about winning the consumerism game. My financial focus had changed, quietly, subtly, like a thief in the night-I understood that I wanted something different, something I’d never experienced.

Financial Freedom

I finally understood that I wasn’t just chasing debt-freedom, I was actually chasing freedom. I wanted freedom from owing other people money. I wanted freedom of choice. I just wanted to create a life of choice freedom. I didn’t (and don’t) want to answer to anyone else about what I do with my time or money. And, I found myself so frustrated when I would self-sabotage along the way. For every step forward there would be a moment where I would take two steps back.

I then realized that I was subconsciously fearful of what financial freedom really meant. The sacrifice, the hard work, the focus, and the single-mindedness that goes with kicking debt to the curb. This journey has been a long one and  I got tired. I also realized that I was really scared of not achieving the goal of debt-freedom…so, I would try…just hard enough. I was making steady progress. But, it wasn’t epic. But, that progress was still making a difference to my life. Then, I would self-sabotage myself just as I was gaining momentum.

What the Hell?

Despite myself, I’ve actually paid off a lot of debt since I began my debt-freedom journey. I knew that I wasn’t the only person who struggled with doubt, self-sabotage, and fear over something that feels completely irrational. Isn’t it rational to want debt-freedom? Well, yes. But, I’ve never in my adult life experienced not owing a ton of debts to a ton of people.

So, I knew I had to make some changes that addressed this major money mindset problem that I’ve been dealing with.

I Created a Money Manifesto

Yep, I went there. I knew from past experience that if I focused on my mindset I would achieve the goals that I set for myself. But, this debt repayment journey is BRUTAL. And, so I needed to bring out the big guns.

I needed to create something that gave voice to the fact that I wanted MORE. More freedom, more flexibility, and more money.

I went there. And, at first, it felt awkward to give voice to the fact that I wanted to make MONEY, lots and lots of money. So much money that I could make it RAIN.

And, nope, it wasn’t about greed. It was about creating options for myself. I also understood that by earning more money I could help other people as well.

Get Your Copy of

The Unapologetically Money Hungry Manifesto


I grew up with the idea that it’s ok just to have “enough.” That there was a purity to doing good for others and that I should be grateful for the low pay that I would get for the work that I did. And, while I was (and continue to be) grateful for the pay that I receive…I now know that it’s ok to want more. And, that there’s nothing dirty or wrong about wanting more for myself and others.

I’m not greedy. I don’t need anything anymore other than financial security. I don’t need more clothes-I get those for free because of my ThredUp credits. I don’t need anymore kitchen gadgets, I already have all the gear that I need. I just want more cash. Literally, that’s what I want. Lots and lots of cash.

This year I changed the blog’s name to Michelle is Money Hungry for a reason. I wanted to remind myself every single day that I wanted to earn life-changing money. AND, that I wanted my readers to earn life-changing money too.

How on earth are you supposed to get debt-free without earning more? And, in all of my years of writing about money and focusing on less…earning more got lost in the shuffle. Not any longer.

And even though I love spending as little as possible on “all the things” I am bored with consuming things just to consume them. I want time freedom and experiences. I want to spend time with the people that I love. And, I don’t ever want to be broke again in my life. Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.

2018 is all about ABUNDANCE

2017 has been an…interesting year, to say the least. In fact, it kind of sucked for many reasons that I just don’t want to get into. But, despite that, I’ve paid thousands of dollars in debt-off. In fact, I need to write a post about it because I’m kind of amazed at the progress that I’ve made.

As I begin working on my 2018 plans, I’m starting to really believe that I can get this done! But, I have to earn more. There’s no way around it. And, so now I tackle my next financial hurdle-overcoming underearning (there’s a book about underearning-will share with you below).

If you’ve been struggling with earing more because of the following:

  • The voices in your head
  • Lack of hustle
  • Lack of energy
  • Not sure if the journey is worth it

It’s worth it. And, I feel your pain-seriously, I really do. As much as I’m working towards my own financial successes, I want to encourage you to reach yours. So, get the Unapologetically Money Hungry Manifesto. Print it out and look at it every single day!

Own the fact that you want to make MORE MONEY. Life changing money. Do the work, dream big, focus, and when you’re feeling overwhelmed email me at: michelleismoneyhungry@gmail.com. You’ve got a friend in your corner.

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Freedom Is Coming

As you earn more money remember that each dollar is buying you freedom. The hard work isn’t forever, it’s just for a season in your life. Stay focused-you’ve got this!

If you leave a comment I would love for you to share how you feel about making more money. Have you struggled with underearning or self-sabotage? OR, are you at the opposite end of the spectrum and you aren’t afraid to earn more? Let’s empower one another. Tag a friend. Let’s get to work.

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